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Implications of Decriminalisation of Adultery in Vedic Astrology Horoscopes & in Life

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With the striking down of Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code, the law of the land in India pertaining to adultery has been altered and adultery is no longer an offence. 

We are concerned with the impact in human lives, of men and women, who are more under the influence of the planets which are directly responsible for adulterous conduct. 

I have therefore written an article on the subject where the planets which signify adultery have been discussed in some detail. Specifically, the fact that adulterous conduct has now been taken out of the pale of criminality, what impact will this have on the conduct precipitated by the said malefic planets in the Vedic horoscopes, and thus in the lives of people; this aspect has been delved into. 

Some of the signs and house placements, rendered conspicuous by transit, and the placement of malefic planets in the nativity have also been discussed. This gives real insight into how events usually transpire given the effect of these planets, and how they may be expected to act in the future through human beings, given the legitimacy of a certain kind of conduct in the criminal law of the land. 

The impact on the institution of marriage, and on relationships will come through quite clearly on reading the article which tries to encapsulate the distillate of decades of watching the planets at work in such realms.

The very recently written article on adultery may be read here-

Anurag Sharma


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