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Moon and the Moon Sign in Vedic Astrology- King of Life as We Know it

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People often wonder as to the uses of the chart drawn from the Moon sign in Vedic astrology, or the way the Moon works in the horoscope as a whole.
This is interesting for the Moon is truly the king of the chart at the mundane level of material life, hopes and aspirations, and life as we know it. Just as the Atmakaraka is the king of the horoscope itself, all life being a play to exhaust Karma of the soul, the Moon is the charioteer that guides us actively through the life journey.

The Moon and its strength or weakness in the horoscope is therefore all important for us.

One of the most significant uses of the Moon, and specifically the chart drawn from the Moon as the Ascendant/ Lagna is to study the physiology and the strong and weak areas in the body and in the mind. Since the Moon is the natural significator of the mind itself, the influences that come to bear on the Moon can indicate the nature of the mind of the individual.

In a similar vein, the deepest studies into physiology, illness and health and the dangers that lurk in Karma pertaining to distinct areas of the body are all judged from the natal Moon taken as the Lagna, for Moon is the blood and the physiology of individual.

This is not all. Many Yogas for wealth and well-being are studied from the Moon for social opportunity, sustenance and such references are crucial in the way our lives shape up.

Recently, I was asked to deal with a case where acute breathing problems suddenly manifested with a senior person. There was no time to study the horoscope itself and a quick solution was required because allopathic medicines failed to work and given the delicate  constitution of the person, caused severe dryness and created further distress. The body was being punished with severe bouts of coughing and every night was a battle to get just a little sleep, a battle which was being lost.

Homeopathy was tried but it did not work in this case.

It ought to be made clear that I find great efficacy in both allopathic and homeopathic medicine and I do not feel that any one system can replace another because they operate in different realms. With all our progress in modern medicine, it really cannot be anybody’s case that it is not a sophisticated system. Yes, again, it has serious problems with side-effects, and sometimes a hit-and-miss approach.

The point of stating this is that despite the strength of modern medicine, it just was not working. Time was short and relief was urgently required. Vedic astrology is a spiritual system and does not work like an empirical science. Having said that, the remedies which were given, exclusively based on transits impacting the Moon sign, worked miraculously well, and practically in no time.

I wrote a short note about this and you can read it here-

Given some of what has been transpiring in the skies, I have not been able to write either at the web, or to you, given the great weight of consulting requests, and was glad to have the chance to write about this crisp and successful episode relating to remedial measures based on the affliction of the Moon and the Rashi.  

Best wishes,
Anurag Sharma


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