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Individual Karma in 2020 in the Times of a Global Pandemic: A Note in Vedic Astrology

Dear Consulters, Subscribers and Readers,

The condition of the individual in the times of a global pandemic is a topic worthy of discussion. Individuals create the social fabric as themselves and as something larger than themselves through groups, institutions, movements, nations and so on.  In the various systems and techniques that the ancient art of Vedic astrology affords us, both the global scenario and the realities that obtain in the life of an individual can be studied with precision. 
Human birth necessarily implies a fundamental differentiation, seen through the Arudha Lagna and the various other Arudha Pada, as well as thee Bhavas reckoned from the Arudha Lagna.

it is natural then to ponder the question, as people are naturally doing- ‘What does this pandemic mean for me?’

The significance of major transits such as that of Jupiter (Guru), Saturn (Shani), and Rahu-Ketu, the Nodes of the Moon has been considered together with the all-important matter of combinations in one's own horoscope. The purpose is to highlight the truism that external realities impact us in widely different ways, in normal times and in not so normal times both. Apart from the constraints felt owing to a common denominator, as it were, we all experience only that Karma that we are destined to, and none other. 

We have examined this question in the captioned note which may bee read at- 

We have also referenced recent notes on the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and the major significance of unique contours such as specific Yogas in individual natives, penned earlier at the website. 

Anurag Sharma


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