Carroll G. Robinson: Making Houston Greater
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Houston, we need a Business plan for our city that is built on and grounded in – “An Opportunity to Do Better” for all Houstonians with a common commitment of Together, Making Houston Greater.” 


Do You Support Legalizing Gaming?




The Houston Chronicle has recently reported that "local investigations have revealed how lucrative the illegal gaming trade can be, providing operators with as much as $20,000 per day. With such establishments spread across some 700 strip centers in the county, their total proceeds could be larger than the[$1.55 billion] budget for all Harris County government.…”

Not only are illegal gaming rooms generating hundreds of millions of dollars per year in untaxed revenue, they are also magnets for crime.

Wouldn’t it be better to legalize slot machines (at existing legal horse and dog racing tracks) and Casinos in Houston and allow the city to regulate them and collect extra revenues to pay for city services?

Legalizing slot machines at existing race tracks and legalizing casinos would also help eliminate illegal gaming rooms and the crime associated with them.

Even Metro would receive revenue from the increased sales tax revenue generated from legalized gaming.

The City of Houston should investigate and evaluate all its options for legalizing and regulating slot machines and casino gaming under its Home Rule Authority.



Carroll G. Robinson


Carroll G. Robinson

Bill Hammond President

Texas Association of Business


Dear Bill,

I am writing to express my support for the Texas Association of Business’ 2015 legislative agenda:

“more transportation spending, health insurance for the poor, full funding for public schools, more funding for medical students and better graduation rates from state universities [and community colleges]”. (Chris Tomlinson, Pro-business agenda no longer sure to get support in Legislature, Houston Chronicle (Business), December 7, 2014, pg.D1.)

I also agree with you that immigration reform is a federal issue and that our nation, and state, need “comprehensive immigration reform”.

It has been some time since we have spoken but as a community college trustee and a former Houston City Council Member At-Large who served as Chairman of the city’s Transportation, Technology and Infrastructure Committee, I understand and appreciate the positive impact of the TAB legislative agenda on the economy of our state in general, and the Houston region in particular.

Also, as you know, I have been an advocate for improving college graduation rates and college and workforce readiness for years. My detailed ideas on those topics have been outlines in op-eds in the Houston Chronicle and several white papers including one titled “An Opportunity To Do Better”.

Please let me know how I can be of assistance to you in advancing the needed and necessary goals embodied in the TAB 2015 legislative agenda.


Carroll G. Robinson




c.c. Bob Harvey, President, GHP

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