4 Things that Don't Matter
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4 Things that Don't Matter

As we speak I am on one of my massage tables in my gym, thinking about life. Over the past year, I have been on a quest for self discovery. Instead of the usual researching on interesting topics, I have been researching myself, attempting to figure me out. Through this process I have learned a lot about what matters and what doesn’t. I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that certain thing don’t bothe me or cause insecurities in me, however I have definitely realized what doesn’t matter in life (as least in my opinion). 

People's Opinions

Everyone has an opinion and if you get on social media it seems everyone has LOTS of opinions. Thats great and everyone is entitled to those opinions. However, their opinions, shouldn't outweigh your own or your thoughts on a subject matter. I hear it everyday, "well I am worried about what people will say or think" my reply is always, "who cares." Your reputation is what people THINK of you, your character is WHAT you are, people's opinions are irrelevant. Just like the old saying goes, "opinions are like assholes, everyone has one."


We need money to live. It is without question a necessity in our capitalist world. However, from an early age we are programmed like robots to get a job and make money. When its not enough, we more ways to make more money. Make money- buy stuff, its the American way and very materialist. But the funny thing is you can't take it with you. See the sin is not being wealthy, the sin lies in what motivates you. No matter where your final destination is, VISA and MasterCard will not be accepted. 

The Scale

I use the scale as a metaphor for life, it can't tell you how good your doing, or how pretty you are or how awesome you are, it can only tell you the amount of mass in space you are. It can't define you, it can't motivate you, it can only give you a false sense of yourself. Throw the damn thing away. It is ruining your self esteem. 

Lots of Friends

I have over 2,000 "friends" on Facebook. I have only met probably 10% of those. And of those 10%, I'd only count 5-10% as friends. Thats like 10-20 people, if that. And then only a fraction of the 10-20 know everything about me. You don't need hundreds of friends, you need 2-3 people around you that will do for you as you do for them. When we all pass on, these are the people you will remember the most and will remember you. 

Your legacy of who you impacted is the most important currency of them all. How you made people feel, who you touched without being asked and what you gave back to the world is the ultimate of enlightenment. Strive to be a better person everyday and you will leave a legacy that will last longer than your time on earth. That is what DOES matter. 

Yours in Fitness,


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