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The Dryansky Gallery Presents:
Gregg Wilensky
Hovering: Photographs at the Boundaries of Nature

Adobe scientist explores emotion and abstraction in new body of work

Gregg Wilensky, Yellow, Cowell Ranch, 2015, pigment print on cotton paper.

Exhibition on View: March 31–May 12, 2016
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 31, 2016, 7:00–9:00pm

March 1, 2016, SAN FRANCISCO, CA — The Dryansky Gallery is proud to present Hovering: Photographs at the Boundaries of Nature, an exhibition of large-scale works by Gregg Wilensky, Theoretical Physicist and Senior Principal Scientist at Adobe. In celebration of Spring, the show features a selection of abstract landscape tableaus derived from photographs taken in both California and Paris. Hovering marks Wilensky’s first exhibition in San Francisco and will be on view from March 31 through May 12, 2016 with an opening reception on Thursday, March 31 from 7–9 PM. The artist will be in attendance.

Gregg Wilensky’s contemplative photographic compositions explore the boundaries between faithful representation and the abstracted image. They immerse us into an illuminated supranatural world of color, form and detail. His dream-like abstracted scenes feature scintillating textures and jewel-like colors and forms. Wilensky’s work starts out as photographs taken using high fidelity optics during his travels through California and France, while seeking out silent poetic moments within nature. These initial photographs become the source material Wilensky uses to re-imagine nature as he found it.

Using the very tools he helped to develop as key scientist at Adobe, tools designed to provide control and precision for commercial photography allowing users to alter reality, Wilensky chooses to go the other way. He allows what is true and real within his photographs to speak by enhancing and amplifying the subtle spaces and shapes found in nature that are normally not perceived by the human eye, showing us what is already there, hiding within nature. By bringing out the edges of forms and surfaces, and playing with our perception of the three dimensional plane, Wilensky allows us to hover between truth and imagination, awake and dream, real and surreal.

Gallery Owner and Director Janel Dryan explains:
Wilensky’s background as a theoretical physicist allows him a depth of knowledge and understanding rare among artists. Rather than being bound by technical constraints, the scientific and analytical mind allows for a deeper investigative curiosity and the ability to build the tools that will facilitate it. As an artist, Wilensky’s investigations probe the emotive elements of the natural world through the prism of science. His ability to bridge the arts with the technological is significant in the 21st Century and beyond, as these two worlds are destined to grow closer and closer together.

About the Artist
Gregg Wilensky is a Theoretical Physicist and artist who combines his complementary talents to create photographs which explore the essence of vision and the ethereal emotive power of images. Wilensky is self-educated in photography and painting. He brings to the digital art world his darkroom experience learned from his father who photographed in World-War II. As a Senior Principal Scientist at Adobe since 1997, Wilensky has developed dozens of features for Photoshop and other Adobe products, which push the limits of digital photography in order to enhance image fidelity and control as well as to offer a means of creative exploration. Wilensky lives and works in San Francisco, CA.

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