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EPO rejects AI registered inventions
Two EU patent applications have been refused where AI was listed as the inventor.
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Ferrari's First

The car-maker has revealed it's first electric car attempt with a patent submission.
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Amazon Pharmacy

Amazon have applied for a UK trademark 'Amazon Pharmacy'.
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What's the beef? 

Japan is considering protecting the IP of Wagyu cattle eggs and sperm.
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Top Jobs
Patent Attorney

80,000 krona per month GROSS
This is an R&D and IP company in the furniture and materials industries, they have worldwide-patented technology with a strong and large patent portfolio. Hiring for a fully qualified European Patent Attorney with a background in material sciences or engineering.
Industry Patent Attorney

£55k - £65k

Provide specialist support and advice concerning all aspects of IP across this company which is one of the leaders in manufacturing of glass and glazing for a number of different sectors. You must be a qualified European and/or UK Patent Attorney. On offer is a unique opportunity in the industry in a truly international organisation.
Senior Trademark Attorney
(West London)
£80k - £100k
A medium-sized firm of UK and European Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys that have a particularly strong trademark department working with a variety of clients and some major brand names. This is a senior strategic position within the company (happy to discuss exactly what this looks like in the long-term in more detail, so please get in touch if interested).
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Current Positions
Absurd Patent of the Month

Surfs Up!

A 1995 patent attempted to address how to practice surfing with no access to the sea. While the donut design certainly looks bizarre, perhaps they were on to something considering we now have manufactured wave machines serving the same purpose.
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