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The IOL Connector
Oct. 2016
Fibre optic filaments with points of light
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First Lab to Offer 25G Testing Services

We announced in September the introduction of our new 25 Gigabit (25G) Ethernet testing services at our state-of-the-art facility. Originally available to members of the 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet Consortium, the new service enables vendors to better prepare for market deployment of 25G Ethernet technologies. With growing demand for higher Ethernet data rates, Ethernet technology is changing from 10 Gb/s per lane to 25 Gb/s per lane to take advantage of current silicon and system design. Click here to learn more about our Ethernet testing services.

Connect With Us Interop Demo

Industry’s First Cross-Chipset Interoperability Demo for

At the annual Broadband World Forum held Oct.18-20th, we partnered with six other companies to host a cross-chipset interoperability demo which showcased cross-chipset interoperability among solutions from multiple demarcation point unit (DPU) and customer premises equipment (CPE) vendors, based on different chipsets. Interoperability creates a more flexible, harmonious network, resulting in cost savings and acceleration of time to market allowing providers to meet the demands of their customers. We are the certification test house for Broadband Forum and have additional group testing Plugfests for 2017. Learn about our testing today and our Plugfest events.

  Custom Tools & Solutions  

MIPI CPHYGUI Software Now Available!

Our CPHYGUI software tool works in conjunction with common high speed digital storage oscilloscopes for performing C-PHY protocol analysis and physical layer testing, ensuring that a C-PHY transmitter device adheres to the requirements of the C-PHY specification. C-PHY is an interface standard available from MIPI for use in certain mobile and beyond mobile devices. Accept the demo agreement to access a 30-day trial or request a quote today!

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BitPhyer & BitPhyer 10G: Ethernet Solutions

We now offer two Ethernet testing tools to use in your own lab: BitPhyer and BitPhyer 10G. You can purchase these tools to pre-test products before sending them to us for official testing. This means you are more likely to receive passing reports during the first round of testing, reducing the need for multiple rounds and ultimately shortening time to market. Request more information today!

  STEM Initiatives  

Become a Proud Sponsor of IOL HighTech Bound

IOL Hightech Bound logoHighTech Bound recruits ambitious students with an interest in computer networking and/or data communications technologies for a paid summer internship at our state-of-the-art lab. Your generous support to our program will give a high school student an experience that will last a lifetime. Each level of support is designed to provide your company and logo with the best exposure on various signage and marketing materials. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities and how you can help today.
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  UNH-IOL Events  

Register today for IOL Hosted Events

  • BBF Chipset & System Integrator Interoperability Plugfest: Nov 14-18th
  • OPNVF Plugfest & Hackfest: Dec 5 - 9th
  • Open Networking 25G Plugfest: Dec 12-16th
  • BBF Chipset & System Integrator Interoperability Plugfest: Jan 23-27th

Be sure to visit our events page and sign-up for these Plugfests and other industry events. All IOL events are held in Durham, NH.