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Jan. 2017
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Now Offering IoT IP Testing Services!

We are excited to announce the launch of the Internet of Things (IoT) IP Testing Services. Created to offer custom Internet Protocol (IP) test services for IoT products specific to home environments, industrial networks, smart cities, and connected cars, the group will help improve IoT interoperability, reducing time-to-market and enhancing the customer experience. The IoT IP Testing Services will also offer testing for the IPv6 Ready IoT Logo launching in Spring 2017. Read the full story today!

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IOL Named the First Test Lab for the MIPI Product Registry

We are now an approved independent test lab for MIPI Alliance members looking to submit their products to the MIPI Product Registry. As an independent test lab, we have the ability to test any MIPI Alliance members’ mobile devices for conformance to MIPI specifications with the intent that members may submit these approved products to the registry.

The Product Registry allows companies to list their products on the MIPI public website which have passed specified conformance test suites, ensuring reliability for consumers of these products. Read the full news here.

  Custom Tools & Solutions  

vIOLett™ 802.1 Core Test Software Now Available

This software provides automated protocol conformance testing and analysis at layer 2 of Ethernet.

  • The vIOLett™ software has a client/server modular design that allows for the simple addition or removal of defined protocol and modules types.

  • Internal testing allows your company to resolve issues in advance of sending your products in for official testing at the IOL.

  • Test packages for Filtering Database (FDB), Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs), Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) and Multiple Spanning Tree (MSTP).

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IOL INTACT Just Released

Our custom protocol software will accelerate all of your in-house certification testing. Specializing in the protocol testing necessary for gaining USGv6 and IPv6 Ready Logo Certification, IOL INTACT® is the gold standard for IPv6 Testing. We are happy to offer the newest release of the IOL INTACT software (! This version includes:

  • Full Support for Script Automation
  • Bulk Result Editing
  • Capture Format (PCAPng)
  • Bugs fixes (Addressed all reported bugs)
  • DHCPv6 is also available

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  STEM Initiatives  

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Collaborating with Industry to Create Secure IoT Solutions

Grayson Tuttle, a returning high school intern, had the opportunity to work on creating a Secure Internet of Things (IoT) demo with two collaborating companies, GlobalSign, a WebTrust-certified certificate authority and Infineon, a semiconductor manufacturer. The feeling of success he had after completing the demo will stay with him for several years. Check out his full story >>

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