CFJ End-of-Year Newsletter - December 2021

Dear CFJ Supporter,

At Cause for Justice, we believe in a South Africa where every person is able to enjoy their constitutional rights and freedoms in a peaceful, respectful and dignified manner – and we all have a part to play in creating such a society.

At the end of 2021, we look back at year where we worked diligently to:

  • Uphold family values and the best interests of your children;

  • Defend the dignity of, and right to life of all members of our human family;

  • Ensure you can continue live out and enjoy your faith without fear; and

  • Keep your children safe from harmful explicit content.

These are just some of the causes we have been working on, and we look forward to 2022!  

In challenging times such as these, it is easy to grow disheartened – yet Cause for Justice remains resolute in our commitment to our vision of a South African society where constitutional justice triumphs. For a time such as this, we say yes to the call to stand up and speak up against injustice!

Values-based Sexuality Education Expo

At the end of September 2021, Cause for Justice hosted a Values-based Sexuality Education Expo in the Drakenstein area of the Western Cape, South Africa. The Expo was a great opportunity to make parents, teachers and child protection stakeholders aware of:

  • The ideological prejudices implicit in the Department of Basic Education’s Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) scripted lesson plans.

  • The availability of values-based sexuality education programmes that can be used as alternatives to the CSE.

  • How values-based sexuality education materials can be practically implemented in the classroom.

Our Expo guests agreed that we cannot afford to ignore or remain ignorant of important issues affecting our children’s sexual well-being and most important relationships. We need to stand together to ensure our children face the brightest possible future as healthy individuals who enjoy healthy relationships in a healthy society! 

Learn more about values-based programmes (and how to use alternative learning materials in the classroom), by watching this series of five videos:

Do you recognise the importance of ensuring our children learn healthy values about sex, gender and relationships? Please consider supporting this cause. Together we can ensure our children receive scientifically accurate and age-appropriate values-based sexuality education!

Want to learn more about what you can do to ensure your child is protected from controversial and harmful ideological content? Read our Values-based Sexuality Education Expo blog.


Highlights of Recent Developments

16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence 

This year, we focussed our 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence (GBV) campaign on the importance of raising our children with values that say loud and clear: no form of abuse is acceptable! Preventing and eradicating GBV starts at home – healthy families provide children with the best opportunity to grow into healthy adults who live flourishing lives and contribute to creating and sustaining flourishing communities. Teaching our children healthy values about sex, gender and relationships, is the first line of defence against GBV. To learn more, read our 16 Days of Activism blog.


Voice of the Unborn Baby Court Case

In November, Cause for Justice, participated in the Constitutional Court hearing of the Voice of the Unborn Baby case. We presented legal arguments and led evidence, emphasising that the value of human dignity entails that all human beings, including unborn human children, have worth and ought to be treated with respect. Our legal counsel submitted that we all demeaned if parents are denied a choice in burying their deceased baby and human children are disposed of as medical waste. To learn more, read our Voice of the Unborn Baby press release.


South African Marriage Law Reform

During 2021, Cause for Justice participated in two major South African marriage law reform processes: the Department of Home Affair’s Green Paper on Marriage and the South African Law Reform Commission Project 144: Single Marriage Statute. To ensure the accommodation and promotion of true diversity, we contended for minimum state interference in and maximum recognition and protection of marriage. Importantly, this approach will also prevent religious persons from being forced to participate in practices that violate their sincerely held beliefs. To learn more, read the 'marriage law reform' section of our fundamental freedoms blog.


#ParentTalk: the Unspoken Epidemic of Pornography and Children

Due to Covid-19 lock down restrictions, children have been spending more and more time online, both for educational and recreational purposes. This has exacerbated another global, yet ‘unspoken epidemic’: children and pornography. The reality is that children have never before faced a greater risk of being exposed to the severely harmful impact of pornography. 

That is why the Centre Against Sexual Exploitation, South Africa (CASE-SA) has launched the virtual #ParentTalk course: to educate and empower parents to raise children who are resilient to pornography. There is hope – you can protect your children appropriately in this digital age!

* CASE-SA is an initiative of Cause for Justice


Review of Cause for Justice Strategic Focus Areas

Family – Parents and Children 

At Cause for Justice, we recognise that a stable family unit is the cornerstone of flourishing communities and societies. We also take our collectively responsibility for the social welfare and security of all people – especially the most vulnerable – seriously. During 2021, we engaged parents and other child protection stakeholders in order to protect and promote the constitutional rights, freedoms and best interests of families, parents and children.

In addition to hosting a successful Values-based Sexuality Education Expo, we raised awareness about the ineffective and harmful impact of CSE, and how ending gender-based violence starts at home. We also participated in child protection law and policy reform, and encouraged and equipped parents to protect their children from the significant detrimental effects of pornography exposure.

Do you want to see your loved ones live healthy and flourishing lives? Please consider supporting our families (parents and children) cause. Together we can ensure protect and advance the well-being of our families!


Want to learn more about what Cause for Justice is doing to protect your family from destructive inside and outside forces? Read our latest families blog.


Life and Human Dignity

At Cause for Justice, we contend for the recognition of the inherent worth of all human life – no matter age or disability, no matter before or after birth. We believe that each human life is valuable, and worthy of being treated with equal dignity and respect by the law.

This year, we were a voice for unborn babies in the Constitutional Court, we opposed the dehumanisation of people through euthanasia, we defended the right of persons with disabilities to enjoy equal benefit and protection of the law – all while keeping track of international developments in the movement to advance the sanctity of human life.

Do you recognise and cherish the value of human life? Please consider supporting our life and human dignity cause. Together we can defend human dignity!


Want to learn more about what Cause for Justice is doing to advance and protect your views and values? Read our latest life and human dignity blog.


Fundamental Freedoms 

The responsible exercise and enjoyment of constitutional freedoms – such as freedom of religion, freedom of expression and freedom of association – is one of our core values, and also a cornerstone of any constitutional democracy based on equality and human dignity.

This year, Cause for Justice remained focused on promoting and protecting your enjoyment of your most precious freedoms. From defending marriage from state interference, to protecting you from unfounded and vexatious hate speech prosecution, to keeping our law from becoming a vehicle for unfair discrimination, to defending your right to express and live according to your views about the nature of human existence and relationships – we are committed to being a voice of reason and ensuring you will never be forced to bow to controversial or ideological beliefs you do not agree with.

Do you value being able live out your sincerely held beliefs without fear? Please consider supporting our fundamental freedoms cause. Together we can protect and promote our constitutional rights!


Want to learn more about what Cause for Justice is doing to defend your rights and freedoms from public and private oppression? Read our latest fundamental freedoms blog.


CASE-SA – Sexual Exploitation

Do you believe we can create a society free of pornography and sexual exploitation, where everyone’s inherent dignity is respected and protected? At the Centre Against Sexual Exploitation, South Africa (CASE-SA) we do!

In 2021, we remained resolutely committed to advancing the Movement to #EndSexploitation in South Africa – whether through launching our new virtual #ParentTalk course or equipping parents and teachers to pornproof homes and schools or raising awareness about standing up against gender-based violence.

Do you want to see the end of all forms of sexual abuse and violence? Please consider supporting our CASE-SA cause. Together we can #EndSexploitation!


Want to learn more about what the Centre Against Sexual Exploitation, South Africa is educate and empower South Africans to eradicate sexual exploitation? Read our latest CASE-SA newsletter.


Looking Ahead

#ParentTalk: The Unspoken Epidemic of Children and Pornography

We have two exciting #ParentTalk engagements coming up early in 2022:

  • In January, we will be giving a presentation on the virtual #ParentTalk course to the steering committee of the Drakenstein Child Protection Forum. 

  • In February, #ParentTalk will be presented as part of an eight-week ‘grow group’ course in collaboration with a local faith community.  

Walter (Euthanasia Court Case) – High Court Hearing

The Walter trial will be heard in the Johannesburg High Court from 3 May 2022. The Court has been asked to decide whether physician-assisted suicide and physician assisted euthanasia should be legal in South Africa.

The Voice of the Unborn Baby (Court Case) – Constitutional Court Judgment

The Constitutional Court heard the Voice of the Unborn Baby case, which in essence, concerns the value of unborn human life, on 4 November 2021. We expect the Court to deliver its judgment during the course of 2022. 

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