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26 April 2022

Dear CFJ supporter,

At Cause for Justice, we make it our daily purpose to stand for the protection of constitutional human rights. We do this through various avenues of public awareness campaigns, engaging in legislative reforms and participating in court cases. We strive to see a flourishing South Africa where every single person's rights are respected and exercised in a responsible and free manner.

This week we take a specific look at the recent development in standing for the right (and sanctity) of life; against all forms of sexual exploitation; for freedom of expression and; for families and the protection of children

CASE-SA (Sexual Exploitation)

Prostitution law reform

The Collective Against Sexual Exploitation is currently running a petition to end sexual exploitation in South Africa. This petition makes known to our government that we will not stand for the legalisation of pimping, brothel-keeping and the buying of sex. We will not stand for the full decriminalisation of the system of prostitution. Stand with us as we raise our voices for the vulnerable that have been abused and exploited in the prostitution industry.

Family, Parents and Children

A recent article published in the New York Times shows the horrific and irreversible consequences of conducting experiments on children who identify as transgender. The article unveils the reality that parents providing consent for their children to undergo gender transforming surgery is nothing short of abuse. We need to act in the best interest of children in all situations, especially if that means protecting them from believing ideological agendas.
At CFJ we stand for the paramount best interest of children to be advocated for in every part of life. This is why we are engaged in a Freedom Day workshop at a local church that will educate parents on the possibility of values-based sexuality education that can freely be used as an alternative to controversial CSE in schools. 


Water (Euthanasia) Court Case 
A legal challenge has been mounted against the total criminal prohibition of euthanasia in South African law. We are participating in the proceedings as a ‘friend of the court’ party. The trial was initially set down for hearing in the Johannesburg High Court from 3 May 2022 onwards but was removed from the court roll on 11 April 2022, to allow the main (plaintiffs and defendants) to finalise certain outstanding matters relating the expert evidence. Once attended to, the matter will be re-enrolled.

According to CFJ, legalising the killing of human beings has far-reaching societal consequences: diminishing the worth of human life, inevitably erodes all other fundamental rights since each human right is anchored by the value of and right to human life. That is why it cannot support the legalising of euthanasia in any form.

To this end, CFJ is preparing to defend the constitutional value of human life and dignity (worth) in court.
This week we celebrate the victory that in 2022 alone over 500 new pro-life measures have been introduced in the majority of the states in the US. This adds to the trend seen in 2021 when multiple pro-life legislative reforms were introduced. The abortion industry described 2021 it as the “Worst Year for Abortion Rights in Almost Half a Century.”

Fundamental Freedoms

The US Supreme Court has decided that it will be hearing the case of Joseph Kennedy, eight years after he was dismissed for praying and kneeling after football games. This is very concerning regarding the lack of celebrating different people's expression of their religious freedom. We should celebrate the diversity of the human race, rather than try to force every person to conform to a certain standard of beliefs.
Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill
This is why we are participating in the public consultations with the Department of Justice and Correctional Services to highlight the problematic aspects of the Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill. The current version of the Bill will place major infringements on South African's right to freedom of expression and right to freedom of religion, thought and opinion.

In Closing:

Your voice matters! Stand with us for the inherent value of human life, human dignity, families, the protection of children and constitutional freedoms. Make your voice heard by partnering with us in standing for these extremely important issues. Together we can make a difference in the lives of the people in South Africa to see their rights being respected and protected.

Together in Justice,
Ryan and the CFJ Team


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A sincere thank you to every person and entity who already support our vision and mission.


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