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April 2016
"Oh, no, that's not good!"

One morning B. came to the office of our coworker, Gary. He was holding a SD card in his hand, which he uses for his mobile phone. (Yes, those things are even here in the middle of the jungle!) B. wanted Gary to organize his pictures, videos and songs on his card. As Gary was helping him with that he suddenly saw some things he wished he hadn’t seen. Besides just some videos of his kids and family, there were also pornographic videos on the card.
Technology can be a very good thing, and we are very thankful for it. But unfortunately new technology also brings a lot of harm to the ends of the earth (here!) and to the new young churches even in the far away rainforest. Gary was able to have a really good talk with B. that morning about those kinds of videos and how they dirty our thinking and destroy our marriages, and how they can imprison us and keep us from living a life that glorifies God. B. was very open and listened and asked Gary right away to delete those videos. He even returned with more videos to delete the next day. How wonderful that he was so ready to learn and change!
At first when we learned of this we felt, “Oh, no, this is not good!” But then we realized quickly that it is a good time for it to come up now as we are still here to help the church to learn and grow in these areas. Then we heard that many more men also have those kinds of videos on their phones. Since then Gary and I have been able to talk to some men of the church and also of the neighboring church about this topic, and most of them were very thankful that we were able to help them in this area. One of them said, “I was always afraid that one of my kids would discover those videos on my phone.” And another said, “I feel like a prisoner because I still have three of those videos on my phone.” He came the next day to my office and said, “I want you to delete these videos because I want to be free again!”
The Lord is at work here. Even though this topic is not pleasant to talk about, it is still good that it came up and we were able to help the men to understand the dangers of it and to learn to not give in to sins like that. It was so good to talk to them also about how the Holy Spirit is working in each of our hearts and wants to mold us and make us more and more like Christ Himself. Please pray for us as a team that we would always be ready to teach and guide as things like that come up.
Together with you on the journey of becoming more and more like Him, Ralf for us Schlegels.

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