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🧑‍💼 The Specialization of Community Management Roles

By Alex Angel

Community Managers have always been experts at wearing many hats.

You could ask 10 different individuals what they think ‘community’ is and you'll receive 10 completely different answers. This is why it’s not unusual to find a Community Manager (CM) involved in everything from marketing, support, customer success, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEI & B), and several other duties.

Because the community industry has largely gone undefined and touches so many different channels, the roles within it can be confusing. Companies conflate community with audience, confuse assisting customers as interacting with community members, or sometimes even assume anyone who is a CM is a social media expert.

While some of these assumptions aren’t necessarily wildly off from the reality of the role, some important nuances get lost and continue to add to the confusion about what a CM is (and does).

Many companies try to get by with managing their communities with a bare-bones team for as long as possible since there is a lack of understanding of the importance and ROI a community truly brings to the table. As a result, communities are often viewed as ‘cost centers’ and are therefore not given adequate resources.

The blurred lines between community and other internal channels, in combination with the confusion as to what exactly a CM does, have led to many 'hybrid' roles that tend to be placed under the community umbrella.

However, as more and more companies learn how to define community and understand its value, it will become commonplace for community to be its own department, similar to Sales or Marketing or Customer Success, and the team will ladder up to a Chief Community Officer.

Specializations like Community Success Managers, Community Marketers, Community Engagement Managers, Community Operations, good old Community Managers (the OGs!), and many other unique titles will eventually make up this department. Of course, not every company will have a need or want for all of these different roles, and there will always be some overlap of responsibilities because of that. But most importantly, community will finally have a seat at the table.

Some of these roles already exist today and are in their infancy, but what might some of these specialized roles look like? 

12 Community Roles, Career Paths, and Specializations

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In an age where customer expectations are loftier than ever, Customer Success teams have to rethink how to connect, support, and enable all of their customers (and not just the ones with high ARR). Here’s where digital-led Customer Success and community come into the picture. 

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📚 Community Content

Community blog posts, articles, podcasts, and videos from the past week.

How to Design Community Leadership Programs

By distributing leadership to your members, you can continue to grow your community’s active membership while keeping your most valuable members engaged. 

By Carrie Melissa Jones

Mental Health and Community Management

Caring for your online communities and yourself. Tips and advice on how to navigate mental health and self-care as a video game Community Manager.

By Victoria Tran

In Before the Lock: A Map Of Your Brain

In this episode, Erica and Brian dive deep into how to translate your strategy into action.

By Brian Oblinger and Erica Kuhl

📆 Upcoming Events

Upcoming events, from the club and its members.

Proud Pivoters: Transferable Skills to Break Into Community Management — August 24 @ 3 p.m. ET

Gathering Globally: Creating An In-Person Events Strategy— August 29 @ 12:30 p.m. ET

TrustCon 2022 — September 27–28  

🐦 Community Tweets

One of the many joys of watching a community grow! ✨
The 'why' behind your community is one of the most important things to know. 
For the love of community. 🥰

🙌 Community Jobs

A few of the amazing community job opportunities we've spotted this week. View more roles and join the Talent Network

Community Manager @ PREreview

Community Manager @ Aavia

Community Manager @ The Cloud Software Association

Senior Community Manager @ Bubble

Sr. Community Program Manager @ Workato

Director of Customer Advocacy and Community @ Vyond

Head of National Community @ CodeBase

Community Manager @ komoot

Community Manager @ Movement Strategy

Community Manager @ Golden

Community Spotlight ⭐️

This week we're sending a huge shout-out to Community Manager, Theo England for hosting our very first Community Club Social in Berlin, Germany! 🥳

Thank you to all the amazing CMs who came through! 

Want to meet other CMs IRL? Look out for other socials that might be in your area on our events page. 
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