Issue #121 | Mar 31, 2022

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🎉 53 Tried-and-tested Engagement Plays to Use in Your Community

Surprise! We wrote a book!

The Community Engagement Playbook hits the proverbial shelves today, and it's jam-packed with over 50 engagement initiatives and projects you can try out in your own community.

The free-to-download eBook is jam-packed with over 50 engagement initiatives and projects you can try out in your own community.

Want a sneak peek before you download? Scroll on for a play that requires you to get your furry friends involved.

Download The Community Engagement Playbook

🐶 Engagement Play #09: The Power of Pets

What’s more satisfying than fawning over adorable animals doing cute stuff on the internet? Sharing pics and clips of your own adorable animals — and having other folks fawn over how darn cute they are.

“For many, pet prompts can be an extremely easy way to get people talking and sharing,” Alex Angel, Chief Community Officer at Commsor and The Community Club, says.

“In some Slack communities I’m in, there are dedicated pet channels which often end up being one of the most active parts of the community.”

In The Community Club, Alex and the team kick off ad hoc pet thread days where they share their own pet pictures and encourage others to do the same. Maximum engagement, minimum effort.

“Most of the time these end up bringing people out of the woodwork who don’t engage regularly, and they add a bit of happiness to people’s workdays,” Alex says. “One of us will just share a picture of our pets and encourage everyone else to do the same. Simple, yet effective!”

In Club, these pet prompts are usually a roaring success, Alex says. “We have custom Slack emojis dedicated to a few of the pets in our community, which usually indicates success to me! Everyone loves an inside joke or shared experience.”

As many folks are animal lovers, it also offers a uniquely personal way to connect with your members, or for members to connect. “It’s typical for my two cats to appear on screen for many of my calls with community members, either snoozing in the background or walking in front of the camera if it’s close to dinnertime,” Alex says.

“This often leads to conversations on the members’ pets (or their dreams of having one someday) and becomes an easy way to form a lasting connection. The added benefit is it provides an opportunity to touch base with the member one-on-one or to tag them into any future pet threads you spin up.”

To use pet prompts in your community, Alex has the following advice: “As in most community-building activities, give before you ask for something in return.

“To kick off an initiative like this, share your pet or one that you’re close with (maybe your family or friends have a pet that you see on a fairly regular basis). It’s much easier to get people to contribute their pet pictures if they have some inspiration from the get-go.”

On the hunt for more handy engagement plays?

You’re in luck — our Community Engagement Playbook features more than 50 of them! Head over here to download it for free.

As with most of our projects, this one was truly Community-Led — more than 30 community leaders kindly contributed their most successful engagement projects to the collection. As such, every single one of the plays is a tried-and-tested play that has been successfully used to boost engagement across industries.

That includes events and special projects, rituals, prompts, surprise and delight campaigns, and more! There’s even a chapter on the building blocks of great engagement, as well as big-picture strategic changes you can make to up the ante on engagement within your community.

Download your copy

Build a Community with Us!

What if you could build your community as part of, well, a community?

On April 4, 2022, we’re kicking off our own Minimum Viable Community Challenge, a six-week showdown in which we support community builders in getting their dream communities off the ground.

Intimidated? Don’t be! Our team will provide worksheets, tips and tricks for engagement and understanding trends, guides for what success looks like, weekly prompts and check-ins, and more!

Work your way through this editable MVC Challenge worksheet so you’re ready to start with us!

Learn more

Join Us for Center Ring: The Community Manager Empowerment Conference

At The Community Club, helping Community Managers connect, upskill, and take better care of themselves is kind of our thing — and we’re hosting a summit dedicated to just that.

The virtual summit will bring together industry experts, career coaches and strategists, and wellness practitioners hosting sessions designed to equip community pros with the tools and resources to juggle the responsibilities of taking care of a community — and themselves.
Register here

📆 Upcoming Events

Upcoming events, from the club and its members.

Center Ring: The Community Manager Empowerment Conference — April 4 @ 10 a.m. ET

C School Info Session: Community Foundations Track — April 6 @ 12 p.m. ET

What We Can Learn from Successful DEI Initiatives — April 6 @ 12:30 p.m. ET

🐦 Community Tweets

Start with your community personas. This C School async course can help.

Community is a group effort! 
How we feel about community work. 🤩

📚 Community Content

Community blog posts, articles, podcasts, and videos from the past week.

The Community-led Show #3: Erik Martin on How to Get Your Coworkers Involved in Community

Community expert and Commsor VP of Services Erik Martin joins Alex and Kirsti to discuss internal community engagement initiatives and the crossover between Community and Marketing.

By Alex Angel & Kirsti Buick

Community is the Foundation of Your Customer Hub

The future of successful business centers around a customer hub and building a customer hub starts and ends with an online community.

By Adrian Speyer

Ask a CM: ‘What Should a Community Manager Do in Their First Week, Month, and Six Months?’

Director of Community at Public Willa Tellekson-Flash explains what a Community Manager in a new role should be focusing on in the first week, month, and six months.

By Willa Tellekson-Flash

In Before the Lock: Inception

In this episode, Brian and Erica explore how to persuade others through the use of an age old framework.

By Erica Kuhl and Brian Oblinger

🙌 Community Jobs

A few of the amazing community job opportunities we've spotted this week. View more roles and join the Talent Network

Community Manager @ Venafi

Community Marketing Manager @ Asana

Community Operations Manager @ Cisco Meraki

Incubation & Innovation Community Program Lead  @ Siemens

Senior Community Manager, Content & Events @ Slack

Community and Membership Manager @ Organise

Cybersecurity Solutions Engineer + Community Moderator @ Palo Alto Networks

Community Manager @ Tackle

Customer Success Director @ SuperHi

VP, Community @ Skillshare

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