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Issue #100 🎉  | Nov 4, 2021

Community Club Weekly is a newsletter about building and growing communities, featuring collected tweets, posts, and thoughts from various Community Managers.
Over at The Community Club, we just love an anniversary — so we couldn't let this one go by without putting together something extra special. It's a pretty big one too: this is the 100th (!) issue of Community Club Weekly.

To celebrate, we asked community lovers from Connecticut to Cape Town to share the reason they love community — be it why they love working in the industry, a time community had a positive impact on their lives, or why they believe Community-Led companies are the future.

And, as one of the members of The Community Club put it, the result reads like a big industry-wide group hug. Here's why humans from all over the world love community.

For the full 100 reasons, head over to our blog.

'There's nothing more powerful'

"Part of the magic of community is that we as professionals get to champion others on a regular basis. To help them share their stories. To empower them to reach greater heights. To be a 'fan of the fans' as Christina Garnett so aptly puts it. Can it be challenging because of its people-oriented nature? Yes. Is it wildly rewarding? Also yes." — Erica Moss, Sr. Manager, Community Engagement @ Atlassian

"My favorite thing about community is connection. Meeting people all over the world who share similar values and interests never gets old. I had never felt this inspired and connected before becoming a Community Manager." — Max Pete, Community Manager @ Freelance Founders

"I love community because I like helping connect people with each other and with resources. Life is better connected!" — Bethany Beaudrie, Talent Development Operations Analyst @ Salesforce

"There’s nothing more powerful than a community — a group of people who 'get it' and support you through it all. I love that I can be honest and vulnerable about challenges and get real advice from others who’ve been through something similar." — Jocelyn Hsu, Senior Manager, Creator Community @ Picsart

"We've never been as alone as we have been over the past two years. On top of that, traditional frameworks and spaces for fellowship, like organized religion, don't resonate with people as much as they once did. Community fills that gap and joins us in a way that honors our authentic selves. In a world where things feel out of our control, it's a space that we can own, and we can do it together." — Heather Merrick, Customer Support Manager & Founder @ the Seattle Parents Club

'Community helped me learn about my identity'

"Because when done right, it’s a win-win for all involved — our community members, our company, our products we build... And you can’t beat that!" — Jon Siddoway, Product Community Manager @ Mozilla

"It’s the only place I’ve ever truly belonged." — Brian Oblinger Strategic Community Consultant, Host @ In Before The Lock Podcast, Advisor @ Commsor

"Community had a positive impact on my life when I was coming out. Around the time I was trying to find my community, I ended up being able to launch the community at the HER App. Preparing for this launch, along with working at the company, had me talking to amazing people, putting myself into more LGBTQ+ spaces, and learning-learning-learning. Because of this, I was able to learn more about my identity, become an advocate for the varying identities in the LGBTQ+ community, celebrate the community and create a safe space for people to be unapologetically themselves. I couldn't be more grateful for the groups, couples, and individuals that we were able to engage with." — Shana Sumers, Senior Manager, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Communities @ HubSpot

"Community helps elevate and reward empathy, vulnerability, and kindness. It creates a place for us to meet and connect. When we connect in these places in small meaningful ways it has a ripple effect. Community work is 'leaky'. Its effects move out beyond our smaller community borders into the world." — Jess Hobbs, Community Lead @ Vyond

"Brands that have thoughtful communities that exist to connect members and create value beyond selling their products are the future. Through organic connection and placing a priority on resource sharing, brands will see a return on their investment." — Reina Pomeroy, Head of Community @ Modern Fertility

'It's in our nature'

"Community dates back to the era of humans forming a civilization. It is in our nature to want to build relationships and be connected to our tribe. Fast-forward to modern society, and we find that community is still as foundational and necessary as ever. We experienced a major global pandemic that isolated humans from each other. This taught us that human connections and a sense of belonging are essential for humanity. Community is all around us, whether it's in-person or digital." — Krystal Wu, Community Manager @ Shopify

"I love working in community because It's the reason I get up each day and I'm excited to impact other people's lives! Community has helped me realize I'm not alone and there are thousands of people just like me winning, failing, and learning on a daily basis. Community is powerful because without it there would be no Community Club! And that's just not right! Community-Led communities aren't the future they are the NOW!" — Valentina Ruffoni, Community Experience Manager @ Disciple

"Community has the power to change lives and the world because it’s about unlocking massive value by bringing humans together in the most thoughtful and impactful ways." — Gesche Haas, Founder & CEO @ Dreamers & Doers

"Building community is like a box of chocolates: You never know what you get. By connecting people, we unlock so many wonderful things that we never thought about before. That's what makes our work as community managers so powerful, surprising, and fun." — Manuel Gutsche, Community Launcher Germany @ Reddit

"A place where genuine people are found. Like a treasure on an island. It is precious and marvelous." — MarLiz De Leon, Online Community Manager


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