Issue #127 | May 12, 2022

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🧑‍💻 How To Get Help With Community Moderation

By Kirsti Buick

Not every Community Moderator will need to work with a team for moderation, but there might be situations when you need a helping hand.

How you choose a team to help can depend on multiple factors:

  • How often you need help: Is it daily or for a specific event?
  • What internal resources you have: Is your team active in your community, and is this a task they can add to their plate?
  • What external resources you have: Are there community members who’d be interested, would you prefer to hire contractors, and do you have a budget to compensate people for their time?

Depending on your answers to the above, you can choose to enlist team members, community members, or contractors to help.

You can create a formal application for community members or contractors. Write it like a job description so that people understand what they’re applying for. Lay out how many hours per week they can expect to put in, and whether they should have prior moderation experience.

As part of your onboarding for moderators, you’ll need to share a guide they can use to moderate effectively. This should include your community values and guidelines, how to best get in touch with you if needed, and your protocols for things such as escalation/de-escalation.

Your moderation guide should answer questions such as:

  • Does everything need a response, or should you leave some things to the community?
  • What should they do with support questions?
  • What your crisis and de-escalation procedures are.
  • Examples of what types of posts and language are acceptable, and what aren’t.

Director of Community Education at Commsor Noele Flowers recommends developing a moderation guide or emergency playbook even if you aren’t going to work with external moderators regularly. “If you're one person, you need a fallback plan that anyone can execute if you're out of office,” she says.

7-Step Guide to Community Moderation

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📚 Community Content

Community blog posts, articles, podcasts, and videos from the past week.

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By Ashleigh Brookshaw, M.A

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By Katelyn Gillum

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CEO of Gainsight Nick Mehta on the business value of having a community and how it has impacted his company.

By Shivani Shah

The Community-Led Show #6: How Community Can Humanize Business with Nick Mehta

In this episode, Alex and Kirsti speak to Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta about Community-Led customer success. 

By Alex Angel and Kirsti Buick

📆 Upcoming Events

Upcoming events, from the club and its members.

The Community Book Club: BYOB Edition — May 27  @ 12 p.m. ET

The 2022 Community-Led Summit — May 24–26  @ 12 p.m. – 5 p.m. ET

Building Products That Matter, Together: A Mini-conference — May 31  @ 5 p.m. ET

TrustCon 2022 — September 27–28  

🐦 Community Tweets

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A valuable tip for us all!
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🙌 Community Jobs

A few of the amazing community job opportunities we've spotted this week. View more roles and join the Talent Network

Community Manager @ Notion

Community Manager @ Andela

Community Lead @ Softr

Network & Community Building @ NLC

Community Manager @ ibble

Head of Customer @ Air

Events and Community Manager @ Realtime

Community Manager @ Lansweeper

Community Lead @ Graphy

Community Manager @ Next Street

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