January 2019

“An agreement or crisis will never ever, ever, ever be resolved by fear and intimidation by our oppressors.”
Roger Toussaint


  In 1968, riots ripped through Washington after the death of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Explore the four days that reshaped the capital.

The Washington Post

On April 4, 1968, shortly after 8 p.m., word reached Washington that the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. had been slain in Memphis. His assassination ignited an explosion of rioting, looting and burning that stunned the District and would leave many neighborhoods in ruins for 30 years.

Much of the mayhem — real and imagined — was tracked by Secret Service and Justice Department officials, who began collecting reports from police, fire and FBI officials. A review of those records offers a comprehensive look at the federal city in upheaval. Read more here.

Troop Withdrawal from Syria?

You may have heard that 2 weeks ago  President Trump announced a full withdrawal of 2,000 troops from Syria, putting the national security state into a tailspin and the GOP into a full-on meltdown.

While troop withdrawal is a step in the right direction, "Tricky" Trump's administration's decision  is just that...TRICKY! We have a couple of important caveats and, not surprisingly, dangerous concerns about Trump's motives:

1.) The significant bombing campaigns waged on Syria, which are arguably more devastating than the US troop presence, need to end.

2.) Diplomacy must happen alongside the withdrawal to make sure that this is not an opening for the Turkish government to devastate Kurdish communities in Northern Syria, whom Turkey has already threatened to target with significant military action. As Trump steps up his communication with the authoritarian Turkish President Ergodan, the timing of this move is suspect to say the least.

3.) The U.S. must commit to accepting more Syrian refugees, and the Muslim ban (in every iteration) needs to be overturned.

The ongoing civil war in Syria has been deeply complicated and deadly, and the U.S. pulling troops out of it represents an opening for possible withdrawal from other places where our military is stationed. 

Still, one thing is very clear to us: all state forces -- whether they be from Russia, Iran, or proxies from Israel and Saudi Arabia -- should also withdraw. The U.S. is far from the only state power attempting to influence outcomes in Syria, and the violence has already cost too many lives. 

We know that this struggle is far from over, and we will be closely monitoring developments and letting you know of any chances to take action. Thank you for your thinking and response in our work for justice, liberation and a world free from imperialist exploitation and oppression.


Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was recently laid to rest in 2018. We must reflect on his life...the good and the bad...and learn.

Our former enslavers and colonizers, our present day oppressors and exploiters, with their white supremacist thinking, are destroying our true history and leaders' roles using their  corporate media/ill informed platforms towards destroying our peoples' collective memory by reinvention Brother Ali, our champion of liberation.

Because African/Black people's unwillingness to forgive and forget is indescribable, too many of us see absolutely nothing wrong with our enemies presenting Ali in a manner where he is no longer recognizable as a fighter against the capitalist oppression and white supremacy he challenged and we still face every day.

When it comes to their propaganda and hatchet jobs on our African/African-American history, Ali is one of the latest!

Every aspect of our lives...political, cultural, social and economics, they twist our thinking , distort our political reality as an oppressed people and working class.  So they distort and lie about  the image of a champion brother, we affectionately call the "greatest" and the "peoples' champion".

None of us are perfect. So when looking at Ali's life, we embrace the bitter and sweet...

Therefore, we can not allow greedy corporate sharks in Hollywood and corporate commercials as well as war mongers to attempt to give Ali a false "flag waving" facelift . That would be both an act of betrayal and accepting defeat in the freedom and liberation of Blacks and oppressed people.

Our enemies  project to us a recollection of Ali  when he carried the Olympic torch and lighting the flame. This  was aimed at presenting him as "a born again patriot" to this white supremacist and capitalist nation.

Africans/African Americans celebrate the young healthy conscious Ali who threw his Olympic gold medal  he won in the 1960's Olymplics in the Ohio River as an act of defiance in our on going struggle against U.S. oppression.

Today's athletes, with the exception of those "Taking a Knee" and entertainers ( with few exceptions) are bribed with the wealth given to them by the ruling 1%, and manipulated into becoming apologists for U.S. racism , working class exploitation , Imperialism's wars and invasions.

Humanity is eternally grateful to Ali for remaining true to the teachings of his life experiences and faith. His teachings and social conscious  lead  him to stand alongside freedom fighters like  SNCC ( Student Non-Violence Coordinating Committee), Malcolm X and SCLC which helped the Vietnamese maintain their sovereignty and  win liberation.

Whenever Ali was seen in public with Malcolm X and lent his voice to the African/Black plight he lifted our entire race up to challenge our oppression.

However, his standing next to the imperialist  empire's  Presidents Ford- Carter- Reagan- Clinton- Bush and Obama was without question completely out of place for this "ailing" Peoples Champion!

We rejoiced when Ali visited Ghana in 1964 and spent time with  President Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah.

We cried when Ali and George Foreman fought for blood money in neo-colonial Zaire of Dictator Mobutu (now  the liberated and  reclaimed Democratic Republic of the Congo) which because of Ali's stature legitimized Mobutu Sese Seko (the evil dictator whose filthy hands will be forever stained with the blood of our revolutionary hero Patrice Lumumba (Congo's first Prime Minister/President).

The manner that greedy and wealthy capitalists continue to exploit Ali's legacy and name for their own profit and political gain is absolutely wrong ! We must claim and define our own history and leaders! We must write and tell the truth about them!

Despite the lies and myths, our fallen brother will always be remembered as a special soldier in our struggle for liberation and human dignity.


"DO YOUR DUTY" FOR OUR ANCESTORS AND FUTURE GENERATIONS SAKE...MAKE OUR YOUTH STUDY THEIR OWN HISTORY! You must speak the truth to power and lead them in furthering our family, community and nation.

ONLINE REGISTRATION IS OPEN for the PMN Winter Gathering! It takes place at two venues (in Midtown Manhattan & East Harlem) from
January 25-27, 2019.



A movie about the life of the Black pianist, Don Shirley and some of his music.

Community Calendar of Events
January 2019

6th, Sunday 1:00pm-3:00pm; Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble Meeting/Rehearsal

6th, Sunday 3:00pm-6:00pm; Jams - First Sundays only; open for other musicians, vocalists and artists to sit in and share. Free and open to the community, but we do welcome donations! Snacks and beverages available for purchase. 

9th, Wednesday 6:00pm-8:00pm; Financial Health Workshop 2nd Session; Learn about capitalism, the current crisis and how to keep from being sucked into the dark hole of consumerism.

10th, Thursday 6:00pm-7:00pm; Freedom & Justice Youth Book Club meeting at the Fruit of Labor World Cultural Center Café!  (Ages 12-16) If you love reading – historical non-fiction, suspense, mystery, science fiction and historical fiction you are invited to come out. We will focus on African American and other writers of color and will be developing our next 6 months reading list. For more information contact: Nathanette at
(919) 876-7187 or

10th, Thursday 7:00pm-8:00pm; Freedom & Justice Adult Book Club meeting at the Fruit of Labor World Cultural Center Café! If you love reading – biographies & non-fiction, suspense, mystery, historical fiction, science fiction, health/mind/fitness, poetry with a focus on African American and other writers of color; you are invited to come out.  We will be developing our next 6 months reading list. For more information contact: Angaza at
(919) 876-7187 or

20th, Sunday 3:00pm-6:00pm;  Artist-Activist Liberation Assembly; Hip Hop 4 Justice, Truth & Justice Cultural Commission & the Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble present “The M. L. King, Jr. America Doesn’t Want you to Know”; discussion, short  film, food & Justice Jam session – feeding the mind and the body.

 26th, Saturday 10:30am - 6:00pm; NC Florence Survivors Summit; North Carolina residents impacted by Hurricane Florence will gather in Wilmington to move recovery forward. Coastline Conference & Event Center 501 Nutt Street; Wilmington, NC 28401; The summit will offer a space for survivors to share stories of resilience during and after the storm. We’ll discuss relief efforts – ranging from FEMA to community response – and make plans to strengthen recovery efforts now and for the future!  Free meals, childcare, travel assistance and lodging will be provided to out of town attendees!
Register at;

26th, Saturday 7:00pm-11:00pm; Social Justice Fundraiser featuring the Retro Rhythm Section Band, DJ Rick & Surprise Guest; donation $15 or 4 people get in for the price of 3! Music, food, trivia and prizes, good news, and fun! Sponsored by Broken Wings Music Group & Fruit of Labor WCC.  
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