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Written by: Kayla Nguyen and Kyle Nguyen, EPSF Student Ambassadors
Edited by:  Ashley Posey, EPSF Intern


At our student ambassador meetings, we have guest speakers that will enhance our understanding of public education, our district and our community. Our guest speaker for October was State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister.  




1. What is some advice you might have for us when it comes to leadership skills? 

2.  How did you decide the color coding for school closures and openings due to COVID?

3.  What can be done to help get teachers higher pay?

4.  Besides COVID, what is the biggest challenge for education in Oklahoma?

5.  Why does Oklahoma rank so far behind other states in education?

6.  What can we do as students to help improve education in our communities?  




Over a Zoom meeting with State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister, she informed the EPSF Student Ambassadors of what it means to be a leader, what student support initiatives have been put in place, and the impact of the pandemic on schools and students. 


She shared with us that being a leader means having the courage to do the right thing, even when pressured by others to act differently. She also touched on the importance of fostering empathy for others by putting yourself in their shoes to better understand their situation. The most vital part of being a leader is having a clear vision and goals, and being able to relay those to others effectively. Finally, she explained that being willing to listen to others’ thoughts and concerns is a key trait of good leadership. 


With COVID-19 being a topic of everyone’s conversation these days, Superintendent Hofmeister spent some time addressing our questions related to COVID-19 and education.  She informed us of the impact that COVID-19 has had on students and Oklahoma schools as a whole, including how the pandemic impacted students’ day to day lives. She shared with the group the different models being used to make decisions, including Harvard, Johns Hopkins University, and of course, the Oklahoma State Health Department.  


In terms of improvements made by the schools to help limit the spread of COVID-19, Superintendent Hofmeister described precautionary measures put in place including wearing of masks, social distancing and online learning. In addition, she informed us of the color coding system to determine which areas of Oklahoma were most affected, and how it is up to each school district to decide whether it is safe enough to conduct in-person school, continue the blended model of learning, or go all virtual.  


As we were all curious and had several questions for her regarding teacher compensation, she shared that her goal, as state superintendent, is to raise Oklahoma teacher compensation to meet the nation’s average or above. Feedback she receives tells her that teachers also want to have enough support to meet the needs in their classrooms.  She strives to increase state funding for schools that can provide more teachers so that each student can perform with the highest level of academic excellence. 


The final topic was about mental health initiatives.  Did you know that the state has an Oklahoma State Department of Education Mental Health Initiative in place? Superintendent Joy Hofmeister explained to the student ambassadors that these initiatives include providing students with mental health support, training teachers on how to navigate certain situations, and providing resources for students to plan a successful future.  We also learned that Edmond Public Schools and the Edmond Public Schools Foundation focus on mental health and social emotional learning through programming offered in all of our schools.  


The EPSF Student Ambassadors learned so much about how to be a leader in the community and became more aware of the current issues affecting Oklahoma schools and their students.   This year, we look forward to utilizing what we have learned as student ambassadors to make lasting change for Edmond Public Schools! 


Over the next several months, we will be preparing to host the Celebration of Excellence in an effort to thank our teachers and support personnel and bring awareness to all they do.  Our goal is to raise $10,000 to host this event, which includes cash awards for the finalists!  Find out more HERE


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