new blog post: creating a website as a comic artist & writer

I wrote about my experience with revamping and redesigning my portfolio website over the years, and my wrestling with how to best present myself as a comics artist. It includes some questions and considerations specific to comic creators, but might also be helpful for writers or illustrators!

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This month I got the opportunity to do two Zoom workshops with my local library (shoutout to Burnaby Public Library, which i LOVE with my whole heart). The workshop was for teens, on drawing anime/manga faces, and various hairstyles!

Behold my copy-pasted army of anxious-expression children:
The workshop got good feedback, and to be honest, I've felt discouraged and burnt out with teaching throughout the pandemic, so it was very nice to feel that little boost of encouragement and feel like what I'm doing has value. ;_;

Earlier this month I also did an instagram live for the very first time, with artist Christina Sandholtz (we drew cats and I discovered how hard it is to talk, draw, and check the live chat at the same time LOL). It was... an interesting experience and I never would've thought to go out of my comfort zone if Christina hadn't suggested it. We're both noobs and didn't save the live video though, so I think it's lost forever to the void haha. (but it's ok because i wasn't very happy with my drawing anyway)

updates on various projects

cool lettering tool: Calligraphr

I'm finally starting to do a test page for my graphic novel, and used this cool tool to make a font out of my hand-lettering. (-marge simpson voice- i just think it's neat)

I got featured on the Clip Studio Paint instagram!

I've been using Clip Studio Paint as my main art program for about 4 years, and I really do love it - I use it with my students and recommend it for its abundant comics tools and cool features, like the convenient paint tool that automatically fills in gaps in your lineart, or its intuitive speech-bubble-drawing tool.

So yeah, I was honored and felt very lucky when they asked if they could feature my art on their page. Turns out, they actually do check the #clipstudiopaint hashtags!

here's the post >>

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If you randomly stumbled upon my work and we don't know each other personally, feel free to reply to this email and say hi! At the same time, if you have any thoughts or questions about stuff I've mentioned above, also feel free to reply! I'll respond to all genuine messages.

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