i'm doing it... my first newsletter!

Hello to the five people who subscribed to my email mailer! You're all so cool and I love you. I'm going to try using this thing more. 

I know that most of you who follow me are my friends and fellow artists, so I'm trying to be less formal in these, and talk more about my thought process around my creative work and creative business. We're all figuring this stuff out together, so you can treat this loosely like my art diary I guess!

First off in updates, I've revamped my website!
check it out here!
I really loved my old website because it was custom made for me by a dear friend of mine (s/o to Nic Chan). But there was no CMS, so it was getting harder and harder to update it manually (mostly because I've gotten lazier and lazier).

As a creative "business"~~~ I'm always thinking about my "brand". I wanted to move away from being perceived as an illustrator, because I no longer feel like that's the MAIN kind of work I'd like to do. With this website redesign I was looking more to rebrand myself as a comic creator, and a teaching artist.

This new website was made using Webflow. I like it because it's more customizable than Squarespace, but still has that drag-and-drop ease. It's also slightly cheaper, so that's a plus too. I already use Squarespace for my website for my day job/small business, Young Artists' Place, so I wanted to try something different for my personal site, and see how they compare. Mind you, it did take me a while to figure out how everything worked. If you have a bit of html and css experience though, I do highly recommend it!

updates on various projects

I'm still writing my graphic novel...

My middle-grade, historical Chinese mystery graphic novel is still in progress. And I haven't even started the art yet! It's been a discouraging journey sometimes - writing is a new skill and there've been times where I've been frustrated with my lack of progress over the past 3 years. But I'm on draft 7 and finally feeling like I have a cohesive, satisfying roadmap for my story. Thanks to my writers critique group and beta readers - they helped me feel like some parts of this story were worth continuing with.

The working title is Rabbit Physician, and one of the main characters is based off the mythological Tu Er Ye / Moon Rabbit Physician in Chinese mythology.

I hope that someday I'll be able to get this book traditionally published!

creative writing prompt for kids

I figured that since I spend so much time thinking about teaching and coming up with lesson plans, I should post them every now and again to create content for my blog. I'd really like to reach more teachers, librarians, and educators.

My first blog post is a silly little writing prompt for kids ages 7-10. I've used it my Creative Writing classes and the kids always seem to like it!

read it here! >>

my Lunar New Year illustration blew up

In one of those rare, lucky social media moments~~, Upworthy (with its 1.8mil followers) shared my Year of the Ox illustration! And I went from 1000 instagram followers to 1700.

It was nice to see all the nice comments! But also as artists I feel we have to constantly remind ourselves that followers aren't a measure of our value! I dunno, that's a hole I get stuck in a lot. Some content attracts attention, some doesn't.

I was surprised that I got several commenters asking where they could get prints of previous years, too, so I've added them to my society6 store.

society6: flutterdoodle >>

my Lunar New Year illustrations >> (this is year 7!)

comic scarf project is temporarily abandoned

I know some of you subscribed to this newsletter when I showed pictures of the scarf samples I printed, that were originally intended for me to sell at conventions. Unfortunately, I've sort of lost interest in that project, and I don't feel happy with the current design on the samples, so if I ever come back to it, I'll likely redesign it!

my inbox is open

If you randomly stumbled upon my work and we don't know each other personally, feel free to reply to this email and say hi! At the same time, if you have any thoughts or questions about stuff I've mentioned above, also feel free to reply! I'll respond to all genuine messages.

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