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Dear Friends of the Kreisau-Initiative,

In the past weeks, thousands of people have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea. Once again, hundreds of people became victims of the war in the Ukraine or had to leave their homes. We receive reports about this daily. Pictures, descriptions, countless reports – but do they touch us?

As Kreisau-Initiative, we refuse to get used to the permanent violations of human rights. Educational and encounter work cannot change the situation directly, but can still contribute: encouraging empathy, making voices heard, overcoming powerlessness and strengthening the people in their commitment to democracy and their rights. That's the root idea of our topic of the year: "Borders without Dignity – Dignity without Boundaries".

Also in this newsletter: A warm welcome to our new colleagues in the team and on our board, a look back at many exciting encounters and of course the invitation to join in!

Yours truly,
Ole Jantschek


We are welcoming Heimgard Mehlhorn and Stanisława Piotrowska as our new board members. We are also pleased that Merle Schmidt and Sofie Koscholke have joined the team of pedagogues in Krzyżowa/Kreisau from 1st April. In our team in Berlin we also welcome Nika Jelaska who is supporting us in organizing the MICC Anniversary Conference.
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In line with our annual topic "Borders without Dignity – Dignity without Boundaries" team members and board members of the Kreisau-Initiative are answering the following question: What undignified borders do you see in Europe that the Kreisau-Initiative can contribute to overcome? Read more

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Travelling Exhibition

Our bilingual travelling exhibition "Living in the Truth. On the history of resistance and opposition in the 20th century" can be lent out to schools and educational institutions in Germany, Poland and other parts of Europe. It illustrates selected examples of resistance against Nazism and Communism. Read more

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Last Projects

We look back on our exciting projects and events of the last three months: the day of opened doors following the KI meeting of members, the inclusive youth encounter “Building Bridges: Circus”, the training "Once upon today ... in Europe", the vocational exchange for ecological cooking "What's Cooking?" and many more! Read more
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For the following projects you can still apply: international training on sustainable development "Beyond Growth" (19th-26th June), training for Youth Workers "Building Bridges: Circus" (21st-26th June), German-Polish Father-Child Project "Pixies meet Giants" (17th-22nd July) and the two-part International Training "Cultures in Contact: the Anti-Bias Approach (July).
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