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volume 1. issue 24
Hello!  I flew out to San Francisco a couple days ago for the year end conference with my business coach.  As much as I LOVE traveling, the tricky part tends to be staying on course with my workouts + eating.  Not a day goes by that I haven't either exercised and or eaten highly nourishing foods and beverages.

So I woke up yesterday and this morning and just wanted to run as it's my favorite way to explore a new spot.  But enter roadblocks:  it's December, the days are short and dark, and where I'm staying is in the middle of downtown Oakland with less than ideal run conditions.  I'm in my conference all day and by the time we're out, it's dark again-- agh!

I knew that if I didn't get into my body today, I would feel distracted, low-energy, foggy brained, anxious  . . . the list goes on.

Instead of giving in to the circumstances, making excuses, and getting a latte to fake an energy boost, I remembered how much I valued my health and body, tapped into my resources and did a 20 minute workout on the floor right beside my bed. I blended some yoga, cardio moves, pushups and planks-- all in my PJs, and barefoot.  It wasn't the run I was initially craving but I immediately felt better and can now sit and feel confident, balanced, and clear-headed.

Do you put your body first? Because believe it or not, the way you take care of your body will reflect in your personal life/work life/relationships/goals… Have you gotten your blood pumping today from straight up exercise and not just walking from your front door to your car?

The reason I'm telling you this is to open your eyes (and body) to the idea of putting your body first, hands down.  Even when situations and excuses come up, which they always will, I want you to know how to tap into your body's needs: to move and be nourished.  It happens to the best of us but when you can let exercise be programmed into your being then  . . ..

This is important to you because I want you to know how to catch yourself in excuses as to why you can't fit in a workout and know how to move past them and still be able to implement the self-care that will keep you sane and connected throughout your day.
body boost
Here's exactly what I did!
Early morning body boost with only my body and a floor.  

Movement CAN happen and will set the tone for your whole day.
Prepare to bring that day ON!
All of it.

So hit reply and tell me your excuses about why you're not staying consistent and I'll email you back a strategy to implement today.  
What's the greatest thing you're struggling with?   
What are the daily roadblocks that are keeping you from moving your body more than from your bed to the car to your computer and back?

your body's wondering . . .

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