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Another beginning... 

As most of you are aware I've been on maternity leave, getting to know my daughter and learning about being a mum.  Our daughter Djuna Djitarara was born on the 22nd February and is beautifully healthy and happy.  She attended her first rally at 4 weeks (the #SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA rally opposing the forced closure of Aboriginal communities) has attended Divestment events, a few conferences and has even met Naomi Klein - not bad for a 7 month old hey!  

As I expected I took approximately 6 months official 'leave' although still kept my fingers in a few pies, mentoring and coaching some local campaigners.

For the past few weeks I've been back in my role as the It's Up 2 Us Climate Justice Campaigner and although only part time seem to be fully in the swing of things.  I am discovering how to balance parenting and campaigning and as such have discovered I don't have a lot of time for emails and admin - hence it's taken me a while to get this email out to you all and my blog is woefully out of date.

I came back when I did to focus on a few key projects, particularly to assist in the mobilisation happening for the Paris negotiations in December.  I have the privilege of working with a diverse team bringing together people from all walks of life to demonstrate leadership and demand sufficient action to secure a safe climate.  

We'll hit the streets on the 29th November (make sure you're at your local event) and host various events including film screenings of Naomi Klein's 'This Changes Everything' in the lead up.  Whatever our 'World Leaders' decide in December, we know that unfortunately it will be insufficient to stabilise our climate and protect our land and water.  Rather than be disheartened by this we are using the negotiations to diversify our movement, develop our capacity to reach into constituencies we traditionally haven't collaborated with and to assist people in understanding that Climate Change is not simply an 'environmental issue', it's an 'everything issue'.  

The good news story we are writing in coming months is that addressing climate change allows us to address many of the structural injustices our societies have been facing for decades.  Change is inevitable, justice is not... This is why we must work in new ways with new people, and the Paris events allow us the opportunity to do so.

We know we have a long way to go but with a new Prime Minister we get to have a different national conversation.  With articles like this coming from the Union Movement we are beginning to see the results of years of work in the background and with more than $2.6 Trillion under Divestment even The Australian is noticing momentum building.

It's a very exciting time to be a part of this movement and if you want to get involved further, please get in touch.

In recent weeks I've spoken at several events including for a local Rotary Club and to more than 250 high school students.  In coming months I'll be speaking at events in Fremantle, continuing to assist in building strong alliances and partnerships and training new leaders within the movement.

In case you haven't seen me speak publicly I LOVE IT and so do the audience (from what I've been told) so if you have an event and could do with a speaker - let me know... 
'Naomi Klein?' I hear you say

If you haven't read Naomi's book 'This Changes Everything' I strongly recommend you do.  It's an incredible text that links together the multiple challenges we face in an inspiring and clear call to action.  In August I was invited to attend a full day event with Naomi and 90 campaigners/leaders from various movements and organisations to explore how we accelerate the new economy and 'Change Everything'.  It was great to explore the concepts within her book and to make new connections with allies from various fields and locations.  I was stoked to be invited and thanks to the donations of members of our community was able to attend. 

Funding the It's Up 2 Us campaign

If you wish to contribute to my continued work and the It's Up 2 Us campaign please do so here. Your donation will be used to continue this work in 2016.

I recently received a substantial donation enabling me to work through to the end of November.  

The contribution was given with this message: "In memory of Merle Dew Waye, who unwillingly childless but loved her niece and great niece in consequence.  She did not live in a time when climate disruption was widely understood but I believe she would like her legacy to contribute to making the planet safe for all nieces and great-nieces, and this the awesome Jaime Yallup will do her very utmost to achieve"

It really is an honour to be supported by such generosity and I am extremely grateful.

It seems I was the first Independent Climate Justice Campaigner in Australia funded this way but I won't be the last. In recent months I have fielded calls and questions from several people in how they could replicate this model.  Your contributions have made a tremendous difference and inspired projects and work far beyond this direct campaign.

Thank you for trusting in me and thank you for all that you do for a just world and a stable climate.

If you can contribute to this work in 2016 you can do so here.

Your donations are tax deductible and you can contribute a one off amount or monthly.
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