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Breakout List 2020: Best Companies to Work for in Europe

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Welcome to 2020 🚀

Working for the right company will have an outsized impact in your life. I believe that the chaos and opportunities that come with hyper-growth startups create breakout opportunities for you.

The problem is you don't have enough information to make the biggest decision of 2020 – which company to work for. So for the second year in a row, I present you the European Breakout List 2020, a list of the 20 best growth startups to work for in 2020.

We looked into thousands of tech startups and hand-pick a list of the top high-impact, high-growth startups you should be working for if you aspire to an ambitious career in tech.

You can check it out here and if you have any questions or comments, you can join the Product Hunt discussion here.
European Breakout List 2020 🚀 - Great high-growth companies to work for in Europe | Product Hunt Embed
In the Product Hunt comments I mentioned a few startups that didn't make the list but you should check out anyway. Plus, I'll be over there answering any questions you might have.

Have a great weekend!
Volta Ventures launches second €35 million fund to invest in Benelux startups

Volta Ventures invests in young and ambitious Internet and SaaS companies in the Benelux. 

France slaps Google with $166M antitrust fine for opaque and inconsistent ad rules

France’s competition watchdog has slapped Google  with a €150 million fine after finding the tech giant abused its dominant position in the online search advertising market.

Delft-based Hardt Hyperloop announces to open test centre in Groningen in 2020

Founded in 2016 by Tim Houter, Marinus van der Meijs, Mars Geuze and Sascha Lamme, the Dutch company aims to accelerate the development of the hyperloop technology by involving as many parties as possible. 

2020 Vision: predictions from 28 big-hitters in Europe’s startup scene

What will 2020 bring for European startups? We hear from startup experts such as Jan Hammer at Index Ventures, Taavet Hinrikus at Transferwise and Roxanne Varza at Station F.

The Year of the French unicorns and 9 things that happened in 2019 in French startups

2019 was a fantastic year for French tech, and both these 2 posts walk you through some important milestones.

‘We have a huge problem’: European regulator despairs over lack of enforcement

More than 18 months after the European Union began implementing the world’s toughest privacy law, the bloc's ability to rein in Big Tech is increasingly in doubt amid growing frustration over a lack of enforcement actions and weak cooperation on investigations.

The three things that changed the face of European tech

The beginning of a new decade is a good time to reflect. And it’s clear that European tech is entering the 2020s in much better shape than it had started the 2010s.

  • London-based Omnio raises €15 million to boost its cloud-based digital banking platform
  • Rotterdam-based Anywhere365 snaps up €40 million to boost its omnichannel customer services solutions
  • Shipfix raises $4.5M seed for its dry cargo shipping platform
  • Porto’s Didimo collects $6.9 million to enrich digital interactions with selfie-generated avatars

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