Hey there. Here are the major right to repair stories in the 06/16/2021 edition:

NY Senate Passes Right To Repair Bill

June 15, 2021—The New York State Senate has approved Right to Repair legislation, but not for the automotive industry. The bill would require ...
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Push For Right To Repair

Push For Right To Repair ... A draft report from the Productivity Commission has proposed forcing manufacturers to enable consumers to access repairs ...
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Productivity Commission seeking feedback on Right to Repair report

The 'right to repair' could mean that consumers have more choice about which repairers they use. However, such a scheme requires different policies.
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Auto Law Imposes Cybersecurity Threats, Car Execs Argue at Trial

A new vehicular right to repair law in Massachusetts that offers an unrealistic compliance timeline would also usher in grave cybersecurity risks, ...
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Five Questions to Consider as the Massachusetts Right to Repair Trial Commences

Healey, where a motor vehicle manufacturer trade association seeks to invalidate a 2020 ballot initiative amending that state's Right to Repair Law.
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Brandt will seek re-election in District 32 legislative seat

... has also brought several bills expanding rural broadband access, cutting property taxes and enacting "right to repair" legislation in Nebraska.
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Auto group goes to trial to challenge Massachusetts vehicle data law

The group sued in November after voters approved a ballot initiative to revise the state's 2013 "Right to Repair" law to require automakers to provide ...
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AT&T graciously offers free device downgrades for customers affected by 3G shutdown

Also, can we stop with the FUD for used devices and batteries? That's the propaganda text you are reading up what they teach you to stop Right to ...
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Spare Parts for “Throw Away” Items May Be the Future

Right-to-repair activists say some consumer electronics brands are purposefully monopolizing the aftercare market of their own products to generate ...
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Buried Apple Privacy Scandal Undermines Its Attacks On Right To Repair Legislation

As is Apple's often comical attacks on essential right to repair legislation, which usually involves the company insisting that allowing broader ...
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New York State Senate passes nation's first right-to-repair law

New York State Senate passes nation's first right-to-repair law. The bill still needs to pass the Assembly, but it's a milestone in the nationwide fight for the ...
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Paul F. Roberts, Founder, SecuRepairs
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