Hey there. Here are the major right to repair stories in the 06/09/2021 edition:

The dichotomy of cognitive bias in cyber security awareness

8 June 2021 / The 'Right to repair' movement across Europe and the US is growing teeth. It has [...] divider. IoT ...
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4 Tech Giants Other Than Elon Musk That Anonymous Has Targeted & Hacked In The Past

Even the screws they use have a different head and need specialised tools to be worked on. Needless to say, Apple is against the Right To Repair ...
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Is 'Right to Repair' right for industry?

Sumair Dutta, industry analyst and senior director of global customer transformation at ServiceMax, discusses whether the 'Right to Repair' movement ...
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Tractors And The Right To Repair: It's Going Global

We're thus pleased to see a couple of moments when the story has broken out of the field of a few farmers and right-to-repair geeks and into the ...
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NewsBytes Briefing: Tinder makes it easier for cheaters, and more

Interestingly, Apple's primary argument against Right to Repair movement involves concerns over third-party repair shops breaching user privacy, ...
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To put it simply, “Right to Repair” requires original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to provide consumers and independent repair businesses equal ...
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Apple settles with student after authorized repair workers leaked her naked pics to her Facebook ...

In its fight against the right to repair, Apple has argued that allowing independent third-party businesses to service its computers and smartphones ...
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Apple paid millions after iPhone repair techs posted a customer's nude photos to Facebook

But as The Telegraph notes, Apple has made privacy and security a selling point for the iPhone, arguing against consumer “right to repair” laws that it ...
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Paul F. Roberts, Founder, SecuRepairs
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