Hey there. Here are the major right to repair stories in the 07/27/2021 edition:

Framework Laptop modular laptop respects your right to repair

“With the FTC unanimously voting to enforce the Right to Repair just yesterday, our timing couldn't be better for delivering a great, high performance, ...
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If you had trouble getting products fixed under warranty, the FTC wants to hear your horror story

The “Right to Repair” movement seems to be having a moment. Earlier this month, President Biden signed a broad executive order that — among ...
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Proposed Act Could Protect Consumers, Small Businesses From Repair Company Monopolies

Right to repair is not a new concept – it already is in place for cars allowing you to take your vehicle to any local mechanic rather than the dealership.
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Right To Repair Could Lead To Mass Counterfeit Problem In Oz

During last week's Productivity Commission's inquiry into the Right To Repair laws, the Consumer Electronics Suppliers Association said “major ...
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Gadget makers don't want you to be able to fix them

The consumer electronics industry has warned Australia off “right to repair” regulations that proponents say could double the life of gadgets such as ...
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What the battle over Facebook is missing

The Federal Trade Commission has resolved to uphold the “right to repair” principle that manufacturers of smartphones, consumer electronics, and ...
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'Right to repair': New ratings could help you fix your phone rather than chuck it

Erin Turner from consumer advocate group Choice said a star rating system would incentivise manufacturers to compete on repairability. “Consumers ...
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Steve Wozniak, the latest “right to repair” advocate

Of course, going through the manufacturer for repairs is still available, but right to repair enables owners and third-parties access to pertinent information ...
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'Right to repair:' FTC vows to 'root out' illegal repair restrictions on phones, fridges & more

The move is a shot across the bow of companies like Apple, which for years has been criticized by right-to-repair advocates for shipping products with ...
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A right to repair and a wish for simplicity

When I heard about a “Right to Repair” executive order from the president, I was all for it — this theoretical thing. It's easy for any of us to understand ...
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Paul F. Roberts, Founder, SecuRepairs
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