Hey there. Here are the major right to repair stories in the 07/21/2021 edition:

iFixit founder slams Apple for obstructing right to repair

iFixit CEO and founder Kyle Wiens has blasted companies like Apple for obstructing the right to repair movement. He called out the company over ...
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Right to repair: Dealers and farmers seeking policy balance

Farmers are becoming increasingly dependent on data and software. This has its downsides, such as the discussion about the right to repair.
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TCO Development believes right to repair will extend the life of IT products

The right to repair IT products such as computers, laptops, and smartphones would not only help extend the life of a product, but it could also be the ...
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Right to repair

It's part of the president's executive order on competition that impacts agriculture, but does not come under USDA purview, the ability of ag producers ...
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Keeping farmers rolling at key times

The "right to repair" is an important issue for Australian agriculture, and it is necessary to hear the views of all industry stakeholders. The Australian ...
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Californian goes to prison for smuggling fake iPhone parts

This certainly isn't the best news we could hear right for the right-to-repair community, as Apple has been rigidly fighting against allowing anyone but a ...
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“A Robust Repair Ecosystem Is Essential”: Right To Repair Public Hearings Enter Day Two

The Right To Repair public hearings swing into the second day of a three-day process, with a number of tech industry representatives set to elaborate ...
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Australian warranties acting to 'discourage' repairs or replacements under consumer law

The Productivity Commission is reviewing the right to repair in Australia, and last month released a draft report outlining proposed changes to make it ...
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Your Right To Repair Your Things, Mental Health In The Workplace

Specialty repairs shops, batteries that can easily be replaced and informative instruction manuals feel like they're fading fast, but the right to repair ...
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On Air Today: Katie Craig and Right to Repair

Katie Craig of the North Carolina Public Interest Research Group joins 97.9 The Hill's Brighton McConnell to discuss how this aids the group's Right to ...
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Wiley Consumer Protection Download (July 19, 2021)

... analyzed arguments made by “right to repair” advocates, manufacturers' and other stakeholders' arguments in response, and the relevant statutory ...
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Biden Can't Increase Competition With More Biden

The order addresses so-called “right to repair” issues and seeks to limit occupational licensing restrictions. It also revives the tech policy debate that ...
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Biden Administration Executive Order Looks To Address 'Right To Repair' Laws

The FTC is expected to meet this week to vote on whether or not to issue a new policy statement on repair restrictions, at which point the future of right to ...
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Ford Service Info May Be Shared With New Right To Repair Order

Over the last several months, voters, auto repair shops, and automakers have been fighting over a measure, approved by voters in the 2020 general ...
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Paul F. Roberts, Founder, SecuRepairs
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