Hey there. Here are the major right to repair stories in the 06/03/2021 edition:

iPolitics AM: House to vote on Conservative MP's backbench bid to ban sex-selective abortions

... the “right to repair” by scrapping laws barring consumers from circumventing copyright protection measures, which is up for second-reading signoff.
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'Right to Repair' bills give consumers their autonomy back

'Right to Repair' bills give consumers their autonomy back ... Views expressed in opinion columns are the author's own. How often should you replace ...
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Microsoft wrote off a laptop because it can't repair the webcam

The UK badly needs the kind of “right to repair” legislation that France is moving towards. We welcome letters but cannot answer individually. Email us ...
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Your washing machine could actually be eating your clothes! A laundry expert explains how

Related: New 'right to repair' law could extend your washing machine's lifespan by 10 years. So next time you tell your other half the washing machine ...
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Obnoxious Repair Monopolies Keep Turning Farmers Into Activists

27 different right to repair laws were proposed this year, some of them improving repair options for essential medical equipment during COVID-19. But ...
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Acer says worldwide chip deficiency to moderate laptop production until at least next year

The gadget likewise has an attention on the right to repair, she said, with memory and storage simple to redesign, and no special tools needed to ...
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Zaiser Electrocycle: Bold claims of 300-mile range

The right-to-repair battleground has become of much more importance in recent years, as manufacturers design vehicles with no user serviceability.
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Paul F. Roberts, Founder, SecuRepairs
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