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Most of the ideas people write down in Washington are not acted on. What makes the Federation of American Scientists different, however, is our commitment to making policy ideas reality – with measurable results. 


FAS brings together innovation, scientific and technical expertise, and non-partisan analysis and research to help policymakers solve America’s most challenging issues.


This year was my first full year as CEO of the Federation of American Scientists. I spent much of that time building towards a vision that honors nearly 80 years of impact while growing in new domains and new ways. In this work, I am propelled by the sheer force of our team’s seemingly never-ending optimism.

Support evidence-based policy and experts with solutions.

Our team has doubled since last year. Some organizations have a lot of deep expertise on a topic or on an approach. We have both. Our new teammates each bring with them expertise and experience that strengthens our policy portfolio, widens our capacity for change, and delivers on our people-centric approach to science and technology policy. 

We can’t support innovative talent without your help.

And as our team has doubled, so have our efforts to build an inclusive and diverse workforce. We recognize that being an effective advocate of change means learning and executing diversity, equity, and inclusion practices in our work – and we realize that we have a long way to go before claiming success – but we are committed to this in the long run. 

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– Dan Correa

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