What can a divided Congress do for American innovation?

We asked our team of established and emerging experts that exact question, and now we have their answers: dozens of novel and exciting policy ideas that even a divided Congress can draw from to promote, protect, and – most importantly – fund American innovation.

We’ve pulled out the toplines from each of the seven big ideas our experts put together. Read them in any order, read them all, or read our toplines below. Let us know your favorites, and let us know what we missed.

A divided Congress doesn’t have to stop American innovation. Here are seven ways the 118th Congress can protect, foster, and fund American science and technology ➡️

🔬 To drive basic science and foster advancement, the 118th Congress should act decisively to sustain America’s competitive edge in industries of the future.

⚡ To improve energy security, affordability, and reliability for everyday Americans, the 118th Congress should act decisively to strengthen our energy infrastructure.

👷 To strengthen our economy, spur job growth, and bolster physical security with an eye toward equity, the 118th Congress should develop and harness innovative technologies.

🎖️ To combat increasing global threats, the 118th Congress should cultivate an agile and effective national security industrial base that allows America to lead in critical emerging technologies.

🧬 To grow regional prosperity, deliver on conservation goals, and improve U.S. competitiveness, the 118th Congress can adopt policy to help drive U.S. biotech and biomanufacturing.

🍎 To meet a historic convergence of economic and educational demands, the 118th Congress should reverse current negative education and workforce trends through a series of strategic investments.

🚜 To ensure a dependable, affordable, and diverse food supply, and improve disaster preparation and response, the 118th Congress must act decisively to fortify supply chains and agriculture systems.

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