FAS’ Day One Project never stops looking for the best new science and tech policy ideas, and we’ve just announced a new ideas-collecting sprint.  From now until November 18th, we’re identifying the priorities we should be pushing hard on in the coming calendar year across a new Congress and the Administration —and we want to make sure we’ve got a range of voices in the mix.

IF YOU HAVE A SUGGESTED POLICY PRIORITY, YOU CAN SUBMIT VIA OUR STREAMLINED INTAKE FORM! We invite you to share the opportunity around your networks. >>

National Security

News & Publications: 2022 Nuclear Posture Review: Arms Control Subdued by Military Rivalry

Nuclear Information Project Director Hans Kristensen and Project Manager Matt Korda examine the Biden Administration’s long-delayed Nuclear Posture Review (NPR).

News & Publications: NATO Steadfast Noon Exercise and Nuclear Modernization

Hans Kristensen reviews the U.S. and Europe training aircrews on the use of non-strategic nuclear bombs, and mulls the danger of running a nuclear exercise during a conventional war in Russia Matters.

News & Publications: Increased Nuclear Secrecy Makes Us All Less Safe

Matt Korda writes about the importance of nuclear transparency in Outrider.

Science Policy

Opportunity: Bioeconomy Policy Development Sprint    

FAS is looking for innovative ideas to supercharge the U.S. bioeconomy, a growing sector that has the potential to revolutionize human health, climate and energy, and food security and sustainability. Find out more here and share with your networks!

News & Publications

Three Day One Project memos centered on evidence:

Unlocking Federal Grant Data to Inform Evidence-Based Science Funding by Carolyn Stein

Public Value Evidence for Public Value Outcomes by Mahmud Farooque, Michelle Govani and Nicholas Weller

How Unmet Desire Surveys Can Advance Learning Agendas and Strengthen Evidence-Based Policy Making by Adam Levine

News & Publications: Fighting Fire With Policy

Jessica Blackband lays out the important work ahead for the federal Wildland Fire Mitigation and Management Commission and outlines the goals of FAS’ Wildland Fire Policy Accelerator.

Social Innovation and Talent

Opportunities: Racial Equity in Tech Policy Accelerator

FAS has partnered with the Kapor Center to build a cohort of smart and entrepreneurial participants passionate about equity and justice in tech. Find out more here and help us spread the word!

Technology and Innovation

News & Publications: Congress Extends Small Business Innovation Program for Three Years. Now What?

An explainer from Endless Frontier Fellow Ryan Buscaglia and Associate Director, Research & Development and Advanced Industry Matt Hourihan on the last-minute renewal of a crucial, 40-year-old R&D program.

News & Publications: It’s Time to Fund Investments in America’s Future

Matt Hourihan joins with MIT’s Jonathan Gruber and Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) to urge Congress to follow the CHIPS And Science Act with actual appropriations.

Open Positions

FAS is currently hiring, please share with your networks or apply yourself if interested:

Recruiting Manager, to work as part of our Operations Team and play a key role in growing our organization and impact.

Communications Manager, to join our growing Communications department and work to bolster efforts to expand FAS’s target audience reach, strengthen brand awareness, and position FAS as a thought leader.

Community Manager, to be responsible for developing a strong sense of community among Fellowship participants at FAS through the systematic and strategic outreach to Fellows, alumni, federal agencies, nonprofits, and prospective talent pools.

Project Associate, to work alongside the Community Manager to help administer the full life cycle of the FAS Impact Fellowship Program and Talent Hub.

Bioeconomy Policy Manager, to support our growing portfolio of work to advance the U.S. bioeconomy.

Senior Policy Associate,  to support all aspects of the policy-development process: from scouting potential contributors, to iterating with domain experts on ideas, to identifying creative pathways for policy implementation, to rapidly responding to emerging policy windows with proposals that meet the moment.

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