Thank you for joining last week's Racial Equity in Tech Policy Accelerator Showcase! 

Here is a link to the Zoom recording if you had to miss all or part of the showcase (password: *$83CEUo). Additionally, you can revisit the slide deck used in the webinar. 

You can read the four memos spotlighted here:

  1. “Next-Generation Literacy for an Equitable Future: The Future of Digital Justice” by Monica Sanders

  2. “Modernizing Enforcement of the Civil Rights Act to Mitigate Algorithmic Harm in Determining Federal Benefits” by Alejandro Jimenez Jaramillo

  3. “Protecting Civil Rights Organizations and Activists: A Policy Addressing the Government’s Use of Surveillance” by Korica Simon

  4. “Creating Equitable Outcomes from Government Services through Radical Participation” by Victor Udoewa

We will publish the remaining memos from our accelerator over the coming weeks at the Day One Project. Keep an eye out for upcoming memos directly in your inbox.

Thank you again for joining us! If you are interested in partnering on the implementation stage of these policy proposals, please contact Patrick Armstrong from the Kapor Center ( 


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