How can a divided Congress foster scientific advancement and innovation for public good? FAS has some thoughts! Even in this time of deep political division, there are many national goals on which the parties can agree. To help seed the ground for bipartisan action, we have assembled a wide-ranging menu of policy ideas on a range of critical topics, derived from policy memos we have published, written by experts, scholars, and policy entrepreneurs from a range of backgrounds.

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Remember, progress doesn't have to stop because of a divided Congress.

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National Security


New Voices on Nuclear Weapons Fellowship

FAS is excited to announce this fellowship aimed at empowering new voices to start their careers in nuclear weapons studies. Find out more and apply here!

News & Publications: 

A Cliffhanger Conference Seeks to Strengthen the Biological Weapons Convention
For Arms Control Today, Jenifer Mackby and Sruthi Katakam wrote a dispatch from Geneva.

The Treaties That Make the World Safer Are Struggling
Jess Rogers spoke with Vox about the state of struggling arms control treaties - as well as prospects for new legal frameworks - in nuclear, bio, and space. She also discussed this topic on Ploughshares’ Press the Button podcast.

Why US Policy On North Korea Should Prioritize Nonproliferation, Not Denuclearization
Eliana Reynolds co-authored an article on North Korea policy published by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. 


The C-17A Has Been Cleared To Transport B61-12 Nuclear Bomb To Europe
Hans Kristensen published a scoop on updated Air Force safety rules allowing the C-17A to transport the new B61-12 nuclear bomb to Europe.


Science Policy

News & Publications:     

New Cohort of Policy Entrepreneurship Fellows (PEFs)

The Science Policy team is excited to launch our second-ever cohort of FAS Policy Entrepreneurship Fellows (PEFs). Over the next six months, these individuals will be working, with support from FAS staff mentors, to develop and execute implementation plans for their published Day One Project memos. The 2023 (Q1 and Q2) cohort includes:

Christopher Gillespie, North Carolina State University – Putting Redlines in the Green: Economic Revitalization Through Innovative Neighborhood Markets

Lauren Manning, Croatan Institute – Strengthening the Economy, Health, & Climate Security through Resilient Agriculture and Food Systems

Jessica Mahr, Environmental Policy Innovation Center – Creating a Digital Service for the Planet

John Tracey, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University – Creating a National HVDC Transmission Network

A New Policy Memo

Empower the Geothermal Earthshot: Solve the Climate Crisis with Earth’s Energy from Bryant Jones and Peter Tait

Public Comment to FDA on Medical Devices
Grace Wickerson submitted a public comment to the Food and Drug Administration on updates to their breakthrough devices program that seek to address how the program could be used to approve devices for populations impacted by health and/or health care disparities.

Social Innovation and Talent

News & Publications:

‘DARPA For Education’ is a Good Start. Now Congress Must Do More
FAS CEO Dan Correa writes about funding education innovation at

A New STEM Education Policy Memo

Establishing a White House Initiative for STEM Educational Equity and Excellence at the U.S. Department of Education by Melissa Moritz

Technology and Innovation

News & Publications:

Renew Visas At Home
Divyansh Kaushik wrote a memo with Jeremy Neufeld at Institute for Progress laying out why and how the Department of State should restart domestic revalidation of visas.

A New Policy Memo

Tilling the Federal SOIL for Transformative R&D: The Solution Oriented Innovation Liaison from Avery Sen

Entrepreneurship and Ecosystems

News & Publications:

Cluster Development is the New Economic Development
Melissa Roberts Chapman and Ryan Buscaglia write about innovation clusters and place-based policy.

Open Positions

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Public Sector Innovation and Design Training Manager, to oversee and support the design and delivery of its new Government Innovation, Leadership and Design training program.

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