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Athanatos Christian Ministries is hosting its third annual Christianity and Culture Festival, Athanatos Fest, on August 2-4, 2018 in Greenwood, WI. All artistic expressions are featured: music, film, novels, drama, the visual arts, etc. In the spirit of ACM’s mission to defend the Christian faith through the arts (also called ‘apologetics’), the festival encourages artists to appeal as much to secular audiences as with Christian ones.

Debate Between Christians and an Atheist (or Two?) 
[several times during the festival]

Beginning c. 1998, Anthony Horvath, Daniel Flecknoe, and Joe Shaw have been arguing over: the existence of God, morality, evolution, ‘science’, and, of course, politics. This August, they will meet again in Wisconsin, where they will continue the debate on stage under the hot lights. Click here for bios and more info.

Performing Saturday night, Aug. 4th: Featured Music by Shadow Vox!

We are looking for 1-2 more music acts for our festival. Christian musicians or groups, especially those who attempt to appeal to non-Christian audiences as much as Christian ones, are welcome. Send inquiries or leads to!
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COMING SOON - to be released at Athanatos Fest!
Speaking at Athanatos Fest!
Debbie Thompson, ACM's Writing Workshop Coordinator.

"art is the manifestation of philosophy"

Thank you!
Speaking at #AthanatosFest2018!

Joseph Courtemanche, author of Assault on Saint Agnes.
Speaking at Athanatos Fest! Jamie Greening is author of How Great Is the Darkness.
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NEW RELEASE! Randy Hroziencik, author of Worldviews in Collisionhad been a skeptic of organized religion in general, and Christianity in particular, in his younger years.  Then he was challenged to examine if Christianity had any real evidence in its favor.  This book chronicles that examination of the Christian faith, which led to his journey from skepticism to Christ.  The evidences for God, Christ, and the divine authority of the Bible are addressed, always in the context of how they compare to atheism, pantheism, and deism, which are the other dominant worldviews today.

The relationship between faith and reason, and the problem of suffering, are included as well.  For the benefit of the reader, the example of Paul sharing his faith with the Athenian philosophers of his time (Acts 17:16-34) is covered in detail.  This was truly “Worldviews in Collision.”

Speaking at @AthanatosFest

Robert Cely, author of Beyond the Steel Wall.
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NEW RELEASE! Collin Brendemuehl’s The Myth of Scientific Certainty: Scientific Theory and Christian Engagement | Some recent writings of the new atheist movement and those of a neo-empiricist mindset have shown, not just Christians, but the whole of the scientific community that there is a need for scientists to communicate their conclusions more accurately than before. Much of what we read may be tainted with some editorializing that pretends to be science. Some Christian apologists have written around the subject but this work attempts to tackle it directly. Likewise some recent philosophers of science have also addressed some specific material for its weaknesses. The assumptions and the prejudices of the researcher may become a part of the process itself. Some discernment is important for both the scientist and the lay person reading this material to understand the difference. This work intends to help the Christian do science without that burden. It should also be helpful to scientists in general for improving their communication.
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