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Preview: Assault on Saint Agnes
by Joseph Courtemanche, Assault on Saint Agnes


Saint Paul, Minnesota
05 February 1021

Burnt gunpowder and incense whirled through the remains of the stained glass windows, seeking escape from the violent tableau inside. Saint Agnes Church was still standing but badly damaged, wounded in her soul. Bobby Kurtz lay flat against the cold floor—unwilling to budge from his spot as he scanned the church for any sign of movement. His head snug against the tile, Bobby listened for the inevitable thud of the Saint Paul Police Department SWAT team spilling into the blood-stained sanctuary. He passed the time plucking shards of stained glass from his face and hands as the seconds ticked by in the frigid air. He took in the broken church and marveled that it wasn’t filled with more corpses after the last few minutes.

To his left lay one of the priests—bloodied, a bit disoriented, but alive. What kind of sadist sends a team of terrorists, including a suicide bomber, to a congregation of innocent people during Mass? Bobby shook off the nausea and adrenaline that came with every gun battle. He’d won. Only one dead parishioner traded for six dead terrorists. Good numbers but only by God’s grace. It was time to prepare for the cops. "Father, stay put. A maelstrom is going to break loose when SWAT comes in here; they’ll play rough if you even twitch."

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Defending the Faith — Apologetics ‘Boot Camp’

Is Christianity really true? What about all the contradictions? Isn’t it just a story? A myth? People of all ages struggle with these questions, but in this ‘boot camp’ young people get an opportunity to get the answers they’re looking for.

Dr. Anthony Horvath, a former middle-school and high school teacher and experienced Christian apologist will run the ‘boot camp.’ Having spent some time as an atheist himself, you can be sure this will be a very practical and relevant experience. Recommended for students aged 13-18. Parents and pastors are encouraged to attend, as well.

Date: February 20th. Time: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Facebook event). Lunch is provided. Cost: $30. Group discounts are available. Location: ACM’s offices. Contact Dr. Horvath at to register.

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Darwin Day 
February 12

Valentine’s Day 
February 14

Patriot’s Day 
April 18


Jesse's Seed

If you know better than to mess with Texas, and you'll be in the neighborhood of Shamrock on Thursday, February the 18th from 1 to 4, you're in luck! Mosey on over to the Shamrock Public Library to meet Sam Pakan, author of Jesse's Seed. He'll even give you his John Hancock. (Thanks Melanie King for your help!)
Robert C. Milton's Seed of Doubt is the subject of APG's

Book Discussion!

Wanted: Christian filmmakers, authors, artists, musicians, bands, etc…

MPK @christianceltic Band is slated to perform Saturday, August 6th at the @ACMArtsFestival & Contest!
ACM is pleased to announce its first Christian Arts Contest–the only contest that seeks to integrate a defense of the faith with artistic expression and encompasses nearly all creative formats! [Awards amounts are more massive than ever.]
...understand how our own faith impacts our creations while being sensitive to the realities that exist in our largely unbelieving culture....
Athanatos Arts Fest tix!
Tickets on sale now!
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