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Defending the Faith — Apologetics ‘Boot Camp’

Is Christianity really true? What about all the contradictions? Isn’t it just a story? A myth? People of all ages struggle with these questions, but in this ‘boot camp’ young people get an opportunity to get the answers they’re looking for.

Dr. Anthony Horvath, a former middle-school and high school teacher and experienced Christian apologist will run the ‘boot camp.’ Having spent some time as an atheist himself, you can be sure this will be a very practical and relevant experience. Recommended for students aged 13-18. Parents and pastors are encouraged to attend, as well.

Date: February 20th. Time: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Facebook event). Lunch is provided. Cost: $30. Group discounts are available. Location: ACM’s offices. Contact Dr. Horvath at to register.
That Scared the Pizza Guy
by Joseph Courtemanche, Assault on Saint Agnes


My friend Amy Matayo frequently writes about the travails she faces in writing. One of her greatest laments is her wardrobe. Evidently, if I’m reading it right, she rarely goes beyond the yoga pants and a jersey level of dress. Given that Amy is beautiful, that’s not a huge tragedy. My writing wardrobe, on the other hand, scared the pizza guy pretty badly on Monday.

I understand why, and I apologize. You see, the corner of the room where I’m writing this week is pretty cold. It’s -6 outside right now, and there are two exterior walls within three feet of my chair. Mind you, there’s also a big radiator, but the cold walls are winning. Victorian houses have that lovely feature. I suppose if I turned on the fan over my head it would keep me a bit warmer, but I’m lazy and it dries my eyes out. (Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I know.)

I digress. The wardrobe for the day, the outfit that floored the pizza guy at the door, consisted of a pair of shorts, black tennis shoes with orange laces, a hoodie that says, “In God We Trust. All Others We Monitor” with my former rating insignia (CTI) emblazoned beneath the words, and my reindeer hat. Yes, I found it after I was pretty sure I’d thrown it away. Old Rudolph is missing an eye, but the thing is insulated and very warm. The nose was sticking out from under the hoodie, and my beard was tucked inside as well.

I regret that I have no picture to share with you of this illustrious addition to the long history of badly dressed authors. I will take a picture next time. It won’t be long, because I really like that outfit when I’m pounding out words. (continue reading)

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Arm yourself to defend life.


Jesse's Seed

If you know better than to mess with Texas and you're in the neighborhood of Amarillo tomorrow, mosey on over to meet Sam Pakan, author of Jesse's Seed. He'll even give you his John Hancock.

If you can't make it out tomorrow, you're not out of luck! Sam will be in Shamrock on Thursday, February the 18th from 1 to 4 at the Shamrock Public Library. (Thanks Melanie King for your help!)

Robert C. Milton's Seed of Doubt is the subject of APG's


Book Discussion!
MPK @christianceltic Band is slated to perform Saturday, August 6th at the @ACMArtsFestival & Contest!
ACM is pleased to announce its first Christian Arts Contest–the only contest that seeks to integrate a defense of the faith with artistic expression and encompasses nearly all creative formats! [Awards amounts are more massive than ever.]
...understand how our own faith impacts our creations while being sensitive to the realities that exist in our largely unbelieving culture....
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