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Christmas Goodies from the ACM Family to Yours


A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Two Editions: “Original Illustrations Paperback” and “Kindle Readers Guide

This classic 1843 tale by Charles Dickens has all your favorite characters in their original telling: Scrooge, Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit, and the rest.

Original Illustrations PaperbackThis edition includes the original illustrations (in black and white) by John Leech. The cover is also very close to the original. All in all, if you want to read “A Christmas Carol” as nearly as it was when it was first written, this edition is for you.

Kindle Readers Guide This edition includes a reader’s guide by book reviewer DJ Thompson to get the most out of your reading experience.


Christmas from the Heart by Bard and Book authors

Too busy to escape the holiday craziness? Take a moment. Stop the Christmas chaos with a book of short stories wrapped in the true spirit of the season. The authors of Bard and Book Publishing have collaborated to bring you a special Christmas gift from the heart. You will return to nature. You will be kidnapped by Santa. You will travel to the source of all Christmas music. You will revert back into a high-powered marketing exec surrounded by morbid nonsense until you team up in an old dive bar with an ex who tried to mug you, and an orphan on the verge of homelessness, to defeat the inner Scrooge of the town grinch. You will rethink how you react to people based on your assumptions about them, and eventually your heart will be melted and fully prepped for reentry. 

Stories: Meek and Wild by Graham Kell, Missing the Fair by Derek Elkins and family (illustrated), The Songwriter and the First Christmas: A Very Short Story by Chris Morrow, A Very Merry Cliché for Christmas by Derek Elkins, Treed by James Yarbrough, and The Big Wheel Blessing by Jamie Greening

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The importance of supporting local businesses is something that more and more people have come to recognize. If you are in the neighborhood of 105 S. Main St. Greenwood, Wisconsin, we welcome you to drop by and browse our bookstore. However, did you realize that shopping virtually local businesses is important, too?

This holiday season, here at ACM we hope that you will start your Amazon shopping using ACM’s Amazon Affiliate Link, or better yet, give our books away as Christmas presents! Browse our full catalog in this PDF.

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Better yet…

Some gift ideas:

to Jamie Greening, who celebrates his birthday on December 29! Jamie is the author of APG's The Little Girl Waits and Bard and Book's The Big Wheel Blessing

Jamie is ACM's "Author of the Month"!
What are you reading over winter break?

the perfect timing to introduce yourself to author Jamie Greening's most recent novel and short story.  

The Little Girl Waits exposes the sex trafficking problem right here in the good ol’ United States.

The Big Wheel Blessing is a sweet tale that happens mainly in the driveway--a magical place where the imagination fuels adrenaline and friendships are made. Dakota learns about the nature of giving and receiving.
ACM is pleased to announce its first Christian Arts Contest–the only contest that seeks to integrate a defense of the faith with artistic expression and encompasses nearly all creative formats! [Awards amounts are more massive than ever.]
Please pray for our team members, Julius and Gerson
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