Dear Friends,


Happy New Year!  Monday night dinner and Eucharist resumes tomorrow night, January 11 at 6:11 PM. Since there is an 80% chance of precipitation, come on down to the Trinity Church undercroft when you arrive, and we'll start the service inside!  Those who wish to play a role in the service or help set up are encouraged to come at 5:30.

The season after Epiphany is a time when we celebrate the revelation of God in the person of Jesus and reflect on his mission and ministry on earth - as well as our own mission and ministries as members of Christ's Body.   

The new year is also a time in our secular calendar that presents a great opportunity to reach out to those who may be seeking a spiritual home. Inviting friends to church can be scary for many of us - often provoking fear of rejection or of being judged as some sort of zealot in the worst sense.  However, a simple risk analysis would indicate that nearly the worst thing anyone could say is "no," whereas those who say "yes" come with the potential not only of being transformed but of transforming us 
into a more beautiful expression of the Beloved Community.  So I encourage you to take a step of boldness and extend a welcome to a friend or neighbor this season, with confidence in the warmth of our community and in the great love of the One who first said "yes" to us!

In Peace,

Zack Nyein
Seminarian, Trinity Church-on-the-Green