Dear Friends,

Perichoresis starts soon - Monday, September 15 at 6:11 PM!  As we prepare for the birth of this new service, I find myself experiencing a profound mix of excitement and terror (something I'm willing to bet Fr. Luk, our Rector, can relate to in all kinds of ways!)   

In fact, another priest and consultant friend of mine often describes this sort of work 
as "midwifing the movement of the Spirit."  Indeed, the same Spirit who hovered over the darkness and chaos in the beginning invites us into God's creative work still today.  Through the power of the Spirit, the darkness and chaos of our own life is transformed into Christ's new creation.  

This wonder of new birth in the Church is never without a certain level of messiness, terror, and surprise.  The good news is we're in it together - and Jesus, the author and giver of life, is with us all the way!  Thanks be to God.
A number of opportunities for involvement are listed below. As always, please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions, ideas, or feedback.

With a grateful heart,

Zack Nyein
Seminarian, Trinity Church-on-the-Green
Liturgy and Hospitality Planning - Tuesday, September 2 at 6 PM
Anyone who wants to be involved in planning the first service is is invited to join in at 6 PM in the PARISH OFFICE, located directly above the Christian Scientist church across from Trinity on Chapel Street.  All are welcome.

Music:  Monday, September 8 in the Undercroft
*Instrumentalists:  7 PM  I  Singers:  8 PM
Anyone interested in singing or playing an instrument with the music ensemble is welcome to come and learn some of the music in advance. No experience necessary to sing, but let me know if you're coming!  Instrumentalists should arrive at 7 PM; singers at 8 PM.  

Bread Baking Workshop
Nathan Bourne, a first year student at Yale Divinity School, will lead a workshop on bread-baking as a spiritual practice.  We will meet at coffee hour after the 11:00 service at Trinity on Sept. 14 before heading over to Nathan's place in East Rock to bake bread.  While the yeast is rising, we will walk to State Street and enjoy some fellowship over brunch at The Pantry.  We will use the bread for communion on the 15th.