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Yves Morieux, BCG, author
Workplaces and organizations ARE complex. People ARE complex. Solutions making people and organizations achieve better results SHOULD NOT be complex.

The Six Simple Rules book is a useful guide for leaders navigating in complexity with the purpose of optimizing organizations and increasing productivity. The Yves Montieux TED talk motivates how simplicity can be the means for creating results fat much better than the complex methods leaders usually apply.

Simplify work with workflow-to-go®

Rule 1: To get an in-depth understanding on how people actually work you will find that your existing manuals, organization and systems are not aligned with how work is actually being done. With workflow-to-go® organizations can very easily formalize and structure work processes to swiftly provide full transparency on who does what. 

Rule 2: In order to effectively reinforce operational managers to gain more control in the decision making process workflow-to-go® empower the employees and their local managers to design and amend best-practice processes without the need for complex projects or long-term IT-implementations. 

Rule 3: Achieving full execution power requires employees to be able to operate freely. It is the workflow-to-go® philosophy to empower everybody by providing tools and procedures that are present in the context and at locations where they are required. Workflows that are broken or do require heavy back-office support does not help optimizing a business.
Rule 4: Decisions for the future should to stick to those who made the decisions. workflow-to-go® can help you account for how work is described, designed and performed over time and also provide the statistics supporting if a decision increased the outcome of a process. 

Rule 5: Everybody should have meaningful performance criteria and access to collecting the data on performance out of the everyday tasks they perform. On the other hand an organization should avoid having too many internally oriented tasks and KPI´s as these may reduce personal accountability and introduce regimes of counter productivity. With workflow-to-go® is becomes visible and transparent who does what to help better understanding how work is done.

Rule 6: Organizations nurturing cooperation create better results. Punishing mistakes is not the way forward to better performance and workflow-to-go®´s functions to reach out for help and to grant help to co-workers with evidence and documentation helps to build a platform for acknowledging successful cooperation. 

The management book “Six Simple Rules” (Yves Morieux, Peter Tollmann) is conveying messages resonating very well with the philosophy driving our workflow-to-go® service.

Enjoy this TED TALK to get an elaborated presentation from one of the authors. To leaders and managers the rules can inspire with a different approach to optimization and with workflow-to-go® this optimization can be accelerated.

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