Albany event, how to keep Shabbat, and the poetic form of the Name.
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I'm super excited to be speaking in Albany, Georgia this Saturday, January 19, 2019, on “New Discoveries on the Name of God”! If you have friends in the area, be sure to tell them about this event. Details can be found on the Facebook Event and on my Speaking Events page.
In this classic episode of Hebrew Voices, How to Keep Shabbat, I discuss what it means "not to kindle a fire on Shabbat”, where the Rabbinic tradition of lighting “Shabbat candles” comes from, and a reminder to show grace to those who don’t keep Shabbat the same way you do. Adre wrote; “Todah Rabbah!! Awesome insight!!”

In this week's Prophet Pearls, Beshalach (Judges 4:4-5:31), we decipher the history, language, and context of the story of Deborah in the Book of Judges. TableViewGirl wrote: “This teaching was really cool!”

In this week's Original Torah Pearls, Beshalach (Exodus 13:17-17:16), we delve into the poetic form of the Name of Yehovah, explore the meaning and origin of Shabbat, and consider the Hebrew understanding of Manna. A transcript of this episode has been uploaded to the webpage to be help in your study. If you would like to support our efforts to transcribe the teachings on, please visit our support page.

Thank you for supporting my research and teachings through my ministry, Makor Hebrew Foundation. Together we are empowering people around the world with vital information about the Hebrew sources of their faith!

Shabbat Shalom

Nehemia Gordon
The Wandering Jew
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