The barley in the Judean Desert and Jordan Valley was not Aviv on March 9, 2016.
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Aviv Search 2016 Jordan Valley

The Barley Was Not Aviv on Day 1 of This Year's Aviv Search

On Wednesday March 9, 2016 we examined barley in the Judean Desert and Jordan Valley. Despite finding some lone stalks of Aviv barley, we did not find any fields that had significant amounts of Aviv barley. In one sampling of the most advanced barley at Ein Mabua in the Judean Desert we found 10% of the stalks were Aviv, not nearly enough to harvest with a sickle as per Deuteronomy 16:9. We will continue tomorrow with examining the barley in the Northern Negev. By the end of tomorrow we will have a definitive answer as to whether the new moon on Thursday March 10, 2016 will mark the beginning of the Hebrew new year or the beginning of the 13th Hebrew month.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's final Aviv Report along with a special episode of Hebrew Voices recorded live from the barley fields of Israel. 

This year's Aviv Search is proving to be the cliffhanger that we expected. We need your help to help cover the costs. Even with gas at an all time low in Israel of $5.10 per gallon, the costs are still substantial. Please become an integral part of this endeavor to honor and keep Yehovah's calendar by making a donation to the Aviv Search at:

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My thanks to those who participated in today's Aviv Search, pictured above: Keith Johnson of Biblical Foundations Academy, Yoel Halevi of Hebrew in Israel, Asi Eliyahu of the Karaite Jewish community, Jerusalem Miri, and Devorah Gordon of New Moon and Aviv Barley in Israel

Nehemia Gordon
Jerusalem, Israel

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