Ancient Jewish Temple in Elephantine, unpacking the Ark of the Covenant, and strange fires.
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In this brand-new episode of Hebrew Voices, The Ancient Jewish Temple in Elephantine, I continue my conversation with Prof. Emeritus Bezalel Porten about the ancient Jewish temple in southern Egypt where blood sacrifices were offered to the God of Israel! We also look at the letter these Egyptian Jews wrote to the High Priest in Jerusalem and the Samaritan leader in Shechem asking for help to rebuild their temple in Elephantine after it was destroyed in an anti-Jewish race riot by Egyptian sheep-worshipers. Iuy wrote: "Well this leaves me so speechless that I can't figure what to say about it."

In this week's Prophet Pearls, Shemini (2 Samuel 6:1-7:17), we track the movements and uses of the Ark from the time of Saul to David’s reign, draw prophetic parallels for Obed-Edom’s relationship with the Ark, and look at places in the Hebrew Bible where God calls the King Messiah his "son". Valerica wrote: “Amen! to Nehemia's prayer!”

In this week’s Original Torah Pearls, Shemini (Leviticus 9:1-11:47), we talk about the sin of the strange fire offered by Aaron’s sons, I eat my first grasshopper, and ask whether Tevye was right when he declared in the movie Fiddler on the Roof that “some place it has something about a chicken!” I am pleased to announce that a transcript of this episode has recently been uploaded to the webpage! If you find these transcriptions to be a valuable resource, please consider supporting our efforts to transcribe more of the teachings found on Marconi wrote: “Ravishing portion reviving my soul. Awesome.”

Thank you for supporting my research and teachings through my nonprofit, Makor Hebrew Foundation. Together we are empowering people around the world with vital information about the Hebrew sources of their faith!

Shabbat Shalom

Nehemia Gordon
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