An early Christian Passover, meeting Elijah, and Baptism in the Tanakh.
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In this classic episode of Hebrew Voices, An Early Christian Passover, I continue my fascinating discussion with Prof. Shaye Cohen of Harvard University. In this episode we focus on a Christian Church Father named Melito of Sardis, who in the second century, wrote a prayer service or sermon, for a Christian Passover. This leads us to discuss the differences and similarities between Easter, Pascha and Passover, what each commemorated, and when each of these holidays were observed by different historical groups.

In this classic Support Team Study, Guess Who’s Coming to Seder, I share my life-changing encounter with the Prophet Elijah, my mother’s "numinous" experience on the Temple Mount, and the revelation I had about “Judah”ism. Rusty wrote: "Wow, Guess Who's Coming to Seder was incredible…. Thank you for speaking your heart.”

In this week's Prophet Pearls, Tazria (2 Kings 4:42-5:19), we unpack the Biblical nuances behind "baptism" and "mikvah", and find out what a pita bread and a leper have in common. Erin wrote: "Very good conversation!!! By studying the language and ancient history I am truly humbled by the intent of the messages."

In this week’s Original Torah Pearls, Tazria (Leviticus 12:1-13:59), we talk about whether women "produce seed", why there is a difference in the time of uncleanness concerning the birth of a boy versus a girl, and whether the Torah deems it a sin to be ritually unclean. I am pleased to announce that a transcript of this episode has recently been uploaded to the webpage! If you find these transcriptions to be a valuable resource, please consider supporting our efforts to transcribe more of the teachings found on Hayley wrote: “One of my favorite Torah Pearls.”

Thank you for supporting my research and teachings through my nonprofit, Makor Hebrew Foundation. Together we are empowering people around the world with vital information about the Hebrew sources of their faith!

Shabbat Shalom

Nehemia Gordon
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