One of the most blessed times of the year, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, is fast approaching and we want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.


  December is the transition from refining product development and capital raising to implementation. We recently met with the African team in our US corporate office. Our mission was successful in fine tuning the implementation of our rollout plan.


  We are in the process of hiring outside sales representatives for franchise sales, managers and employees to begin training. It is important that excellence is achieved by each employee, owner and representative of our brand.


  Our current training academy is setup in Johannesburg, South Africa. As our team is training, we will continue to entertain the outpouring of interest from investors, government officials, organizations and financial institutions.


  Building a micro-franchise enterprise from the ground up and outlining operational procedures for every aspect of the business from the US office to South Africa is a large endeavor. Our goal is to present MyPower Solutions in a positive light from the user to the owners and investors. As the store builds its customer base, revenue will be generated as well as the first sales data. Reports will also track user activity via the tablet-based app.

Click, Drag, and
Drop... MyPower Puts Education at Villagers’ Fingertips

   Customers at MyPower Solutions franchises will have the choice of mobile power solutions. The MyPower Kit includes rechargeable battery, lights, speakers and mobile educational content made possible by a mini-tablet interface exclusive to MyPower Solutions.

   The MyPower app organizes and drives the choice of educational, health, inspirational, news and entertainment content pushing it from a centralized server to master tablets. The master tablets are used by MyPower Solutions representatives in each store as well as outside sales representatives to provide customers access to downloadable files. Whether a customer comes into the store or meets with an outside sales representative at their home, they can click, drag and drop files into their MyPower account on their mini-tablet. With one push of the sync button, they have the knowledge to improve their lives and educate their children. 

   “On a continent where 40 percent of all children do not attend school, imagine the impact we can have,” said Kevin Lowther, MyPower Solutions President. “We’re giving families light, communication devices, the chance to have jobs and even own their businesses, but most importantly we are providing knowledge and educational opportunities that can raise people out of poverty.”  

  Getting missionaries to the field to do God’s work is hard enough. Keeping them focused on their work is an even greater challenge when fundraising takes the focus away from kingdom building. 
   There is a new option for funding mission work. Churches can purchase a MyPower Solutions franchise. Through owning a franchise, missionaries can earn a sustainable income while in the field, and profits can be returned to the home church for re-investment in community and global outreach. 
   A non-profit church making profits might seem questionable; however, profits are synonymous with prosperity. The words prosper, prospered, prosperity and prosperously appear 91 times in the Bible. Prosperity, as God defines it, is a tool to bring His light into the world and to feed continued investment into more innovative, Christ-driven, kingdom-building work. This is the biblical approach that MyPower Solutions employs.


We are now scheduling meetings to discuss how your organization can innovate your missions work and do more with your missions budget
in 2015!

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