We're counting down the days until the 2014 Festival of Women Writers begins on September 5, 6, &7th. Here's another in our series of SPOTLIGHTS of our Participating Authors. Stay tuned. More to come. 
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Stephanie Nikolopoulos

The Hobart Book Village Festival of Women Writers 2014 welcomes: Stephanie Nikolopoulos

Stephanie Nikolopoulos writes in the blog post:
That’s Cute that You Think You’re Subversive: How the CIA Promoted the Radical Arts During the Cold War

Can something be subversive even if it’s a political ploy?
Whole books could be written in answer to these questions. They’re important topics to consider and discuss, but I want to take a far less Big Brother approach and ask: What are you trying to accomplish by being subversive?
Why do you want to be different?
Where do you get your information and how do you evaluate it?
Who is challenging you to think outside of your own box?
I’m all for dancing to the beat of your own drum. But is that what you’re really doing?

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Stephanie Nikolopoulos is the author of BURNING FURIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL: THE SAGA OF YOUNG JACK KEROUAC, coauthored with Paul Maher Jr.

Watch this Youtube video of Stephanie Nikolopoulos reading "Paying Penance For The Bull", a section from BURNING FURIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL: THE SAGA OF YOUNG JACK KEROUAC at the Cornelia Cafe, hosted by David Amram.

Stephanie Nikolopoulos will read from BURNING FURIOUS BEAUITFUL as part of the Hobart Book Village Festival of Women Writer opening readings in Friday, September 5th at 3:30p.

Stephanie Nikolopoulos will offer a workshop on Saturday, September 6th at 9:30a, entitled ROLE OF PLACE FOR READER AND WRITER In this workshop, participatns will look at several examples of great setting from literature and then do writing exercises to explore unique ways to imbue the story with a sense of place. Workshop will also discuss how where you write can affect your style and content.Target audience: Prose writers looking to develop setting

Experience this blogpost please - read it and be challenged to consider identity (all kinds of it)
Stephanie Nikolopoulos "Buzzfeed’s Take on Who Should Play My Mom and Dad in the Movie Version of My Life"
look at Stephanie Nikopopoulos's stunning use of white space with black print, her incisive, succinct insights on Beat era lit and growing up as Greek American and more on her website:</p>

By all means FOLLOW her blog and LIKE her on FB and FOLLOW her on TWITTER
and put BURNING FURIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL: THE SAGA OF YOUNG JACK KEROUAC by Stephanie Nikolopoulos and Paul Maher on your Goodreads shelf



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