Franny Lou's Porch : Weekly Newsletter, 5/24
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Franny Lou's Porch  |  Weekly Newsletter

This Week at Franny Lou's
Friday, 5/27  Monthly Potluck and Movie Night  5:30 PM

Here at Franny Lou's, we host a monthly Community Potluck and Movie Night to bring our community together and to get to know our neighbors. This weekend, we are watching The Good Dinosaur. Bring your kiddos, a friend, and some dishes to share. It's a lovely evening when we get to see your smiling faces and break bread with each of you! RSVP, if you can!

Monday, 5/30  Memorial Day
We're open 8 AM - 4 PM on Memorial Day, taking a little break for the holiday! It'll be sunny and beautiful out this week before our long weekend, so get out and enjoy it!

 - We'll still hold our West African dance and drum classes from 6 - 8 PM! - 
Happy Day Wednesday  All Day, Once a Week
This month, every Wednesday, we are celebrating elders over 60! If that's you, come on in and receive $1 off a pot of tea or 25% off any latte. <3
Around Town / Outdoors

Saturday, 5/28  Saturday Wellness Walk  2 – 3 PM
@ Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education, 8480 Hagy's Mill Road
Greet spring with some outdoor exercise on the trails. This free walk for adults will be led at a moderate pace; be prepared for uneven terrain.
A Weekend of Sculpture + Art

Albeit rainy, our day on Saturday was full of community, art, yummy treats, amazing sculptures on wheels, new friendships forged - a true neighborhood gathering. Thanks to everyone involved in making the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby and Arts Festival a blast! We loved hanging out with our Circle of Hope crew, and with all our young friends [pictured]. Check out some great YouTube vids of the finish line, a mash-up, and some building, or meander over to the Facebook for continuing updates / photos / video!

/ /   Our Weekly Specials   \ \


Goat Cheese Biscuit
with sundried tomatoes
The Pro-Gift-Economy Sandwich
goat cheese - raisins
walnuts - apple - greens

Banana Nut Bread
 - by homemade goodies - 

Handmade Chocolate Bars
- made in philly -
with award-winning cacao nibs 

by the chocolate alchemist


Fela Kuti Latte
coconut - almond
milk - espresso

White Hibiscus Tea
    fair trade teas
- bright and refreshing -

Black Cherry Lemonade
organic juices - fair trade sugar

don't forget to add all-natural sweetener to your coffee and tea!
- try honey, agave, or maple -
Local Handmade Goods Section at Franny’s

This is our last week hosting our month's handmade goods and wall art! Come in and support our artists! This month, we have faire earth naturals aromatic soap bars and lip balms, ceramic cups/vases, Franny Lou and Vintage Leotah’s Place patches, and a whole assortment of Beehive Design Collective posters.

Any new folks wishing to have art commissioned at our shop - please contact the ever-lovely Christina!
Common thistles are edible and abundant, right now. Raw young thistle stalks are a great substitute for celery - at least taste-wise. As thistles grow older, the stalks should be thinly sliced and (some say) boiled for 1 and 1/2 hours.You can also cook the leaves, but need to remove the spines first. OR, you can stick the whole plant in a pot and boil, and simply use the broth as a base for a soup or tea. Yumm. Thistles can also be used for medicine and cordage.

 - Thanks to Lynn Landes of the Wild Foodies Meetup for this gem! -

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