Franny Lou's Porch : Weekly Newsletter, 4/6
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This Week at Franny Lou's ...

Wednesday, 4/6  Happy Day Wednesday  All Day, Once a Week
This week we will be celebrating life coaches! If that's you, come on in and receive $1 off a pot of tea or 25% off any latte. <3

Wednesday, 4/6  Franny Lou's Turns 1  All Day
We are blessed to celebrate a year in this location, and blessed for this community and your love. Come by to celebrate with complimentary cake and cupcakes!

Monday, 4/11  Bring Your Words  9AM - 12PM
Let's come together and express! Join in the fun - bring a story, poem, song or dance!

Special Note: The Astro Dialogue this month will be on April 19th, not April 12th... please excuse the error on the calendar.

In our neighborhood ...

Saturday, 4/9  Clean Up Day  9AM - 12PM
@ Our block, York from Amber to Coral, and beyond, throughout the city.
All neighbors are welcome to chip in to provide breakfast snacks and coffee for those volunteer to clean up our block. Our organizers will have a few push brooms, brown trash bags, some gloves, and the signs to hang for cars to be removed the morning of. Other Saturday clean up dates are on 5/7, 6/25, and 8/20. To anyone interested and able to help facilitate these clean up events, please contact Jacelyn Blank via email. Organized alongside the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee (PMBC)! 

Saturday, 4/9  Taino Cultural Workshop  12 - 2 PM
@ Circle of Hope / 2007 Frankford Ave
Who are the Taino People of the Caribbean? What were their contributions to today's modern society? How did they live "pre-contact" and how are their descendants living today? The Taino Cultural Workshop Series is a six-part series held on the second Saturday of every month. Each workshop involves a "Hands On" approach to learning more about the Indigenous people of the Caribbean. Knowlegable teachers of Taino Arawak culture cover such topics including Music, Dance, Crafts, Language and History. These events are free and open to all ages!

Saturday, 4/9  Cultureal's 10th Anniversary Show  9 PM
@ 1200 Callowhill St.
#1 roots reggae band Cultureal has their 10th anniversary show at Underground Arts (and our girl Christina is singing back up)!
April's Calendar

Our Weekly Specials


Apple Butter Crumble Bars

Black Bottom Cupcake
     a gluten-free offering from Amaranth Bakery

Peach Danish
    brand new from our friends at Au Fournil Bakery
Bacon Chive Cream Cheese 
    (made in our store!)

Blueberry Lemon Tarts 
    also from Au Fournil, sweet and bright...



Angela Davis Latte
    lavender - white mocha - milk - espresso

Chickory Root Tea Latte
    chickory root - milk

Bottles of Motor Sonado
    orange cream drink
Come participate in our poll for the month of April:

 "When was the moment you felt most alive?"

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