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This Week at Franny Lou's ...

Wednesday, 3/23  Happy Day Wednesday  All Day, Once a Week
This week we will be celebrating history teachers! If that's you, come on in and receive $1 off a pot of tea or 25% off any latte. We love our teachers <3

In our neighborhood ...

Wednesday, 3/23  Paws & Books @ Community Library  4 - 5 PM
Kids of all reading levels are invited to come and sit with therapy dogs and read them a story! This is a fun environment to enhance each child's reading and communication skills.

Saturday, 3/26  Emerald Street Community Farm Workday  10 AM - 2 PM
Our Fishtown neighbors around the corner will be gathering to wake up their sleepy farm - would you like to help? They will be cleaning up, redesigning the children's garden, transplanting perennials, prepping beds, and organizing the pavilion and planting. It'll be a great day to get outside and get sweaty! The farm is located at Emerald St. and Dauphin St. and can also be found on Facebook.

Sunday, 3/27  Easter Sunday
We love taking this time to gather with family and friends, to break bread together, and to give thanks for our lives, and to give thanks for our wonderful community (you!).  Traditionally, Easter is a celebration of the resurrection and continuing life of Jesus; this Christian holiday falls within the same month of the Jewish holiday of Passover, also a great celebration of life. We give thanks for our wonderful community and are excited to break bread with you everyday at Franny Lou's.

Mondays, 4/4 - 5/30  Teen Sex-Ed Class  3:30 - 5:30 PM
@ Talking Stick Learning Center, in the Awbury Arboretum
Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education (OWL) is an antidote to sexualized media messages, peer pressure, misinformation and prejudice. In this class, we value self worth, sexual health, responsibility, justice and inclusivity. It models and teaches caring, compassion, respect, and justice to teens ages 13-15. For more information or to join the class, check out the website and/or email Heather.

In Honor of World Poetry Day ...

A Poem by Frances E.W. Harper

"Learning to Read"

Very soon the Yankee teachers
Came down and set up school;
But, oh! how the Rebs did hate it, -
It was agin' their rule.
Our masters always tried to hide
Book learning from our eyes;
Knowledge did'nt agree with slavery -
'Twould make us all too wise.
But some of us would try to steal
A little from the book,
And put the words together,
And learn by hook or crook.
I remember Uncle Caldwell,
Who took pot liquor fat
And greased the pages of his book,
And hid it in his hat.
And had his master ever seen
The leaves upon his head,
He'd have thought them greasy papers,
But nothing to be read.

And there was Mr. Turner's Ben,
Who heard the children spell,
And picked the words right up by heart,
And learned to read 'em well.

Well, the Northern folks kept sending
The Yankee teachers down;
And they stood right up and helped us,
Though Rebs did sneer and frown.
And I longed to read my Bible,
For precious words it said;
But when I begun to learn it,
Folks just shook their heads,
And said there is no use trying,
Oh! Chloe, you're too late;
But as I was rising sixty,
I had no time to wait.
So I got a pair of glasses,
And straight to work I went,
And never stopped till I could read
The hymns and Testament.
Then I got a little cabin
A place to call my own -
And I felt as independent
As the queen upon her throne.
In the Shop

The beautiful hand spun yarns from the treasure trunk of Amanda Jensen and her "Blue Betty Shop" are on our shelves until the end of March.

These yarns are a colorful variety of Australian, Peruvian, Merino and Corriedale wools, and each individual package includes a free pattern!

If you are an artist and interested in consigning or hanging your work on our walls, please email Christina.


/ /   Other Happenings   \ \

Our Weekly Food Specials include Pineapple, Cayenne and Cardamom Cream Cheese  Peach Croissants Blueberry Tarts (on the weekend)

Our Weekly Drink Specials include The Empress Menen Asfaw Latte (with hazelnut white mocha,  cayenne and cinnamon) Bottles of Cafe Con Leches (for your on-the-go mornings), sweetened with maple syrup

We host a reading from the Book of Common Prayer by Ordinary Radicals every Monday at 8:30am. Join us! 

Come participate in our poll for the month of March:  "If Philadelphia wasn't an option, where in the world would you live, and why?"


Did you know?


Our featured tea of the week, the Dalit Cry for Justice tea latte (made with lavender, earl grey, vanilla, cardamom) is named after a special group of people who have experienced much suffering over the years.
For 3000 years the Dalit (“untouchable”, “crushed” or “broken”) people of India have been shunned and mistreated by their fellow countrymen, suffering under the Indian caste system (which each person is born into and cannot change). Considered less than human, most of these people live below the poverty line, lacking access to education, food, clean water, jobs, shelter and safety, and have been relegated to the most menial and degrading jobs - even forced into human trafficking. Their plight has been said to be a "modern day slavery”.

Even with the banning of the caste system 60+ years ago, Dalit families in India continue to suffer. Outside of India, these people continue to be persecuted within their Indian communities, as their last names continue to brand them as “untouchables”. It is our hope that they find physical and spiritual peace.
An X-Ray of a Peony. Happy Spring!

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